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fiat bravo

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    REPORT: Chrysler planning second Fiat-based compact sports sedan

    Fiat Bravo - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    For Chrysler, the cornerstone of its proposed alliance with Fiat is for the Italian automaker to supply its domestic partner with smaller, more fuel efficient platforms and drivetrains. It's been assumed that the Fiat 500 would be one of the ...

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    Geneva Motor Show: Fiat Bravo in the flesh

    click above image to view 45 high-res shots of the new Fiat BravoEverything the Italians do is sexy, not just Ferraris and Lamborghinis. We know the Alfa Romeo Brera is auto erotica, but who knew how drop dead gorgeous this little economy car from Italian automaker Fiat would be? Well, we had a ...

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    Fiat plans to double Alfa Romeo, Lancia sales

    Italy's Fiat Group, flush with the success of its flagship Fiat brand, has plans to more than double the sales volume of its niche-market Alfa Romeo and Lancia brands by 2010.The aggressive target will put Alfa Romeo sales at 300,000 units annually, from 125,829 in 2005. Alfa Romeo plans to sell ...


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