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    Ferrari and Ecclestone at odds on how Formula 1 should be run

    Anyone who's watched the trials and tribulations of Formula 1 over the last few years knows that Bernie Ecclestone usually keeps to himself. But if you provoke him, he'll always say exactly what he thinks -- and it's usually more than you'd hoped for. That appears to have happened yet again after ...

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    Standardization gone amok: LEGO Ferrari F2008 F1 car

    Perhaps this is Ferrari's answer to the FIA's threat to move to standardized engines: standardized building blocks! What could be more fair than to have every team start out with their own huge package of LEGOs? The drivetrain could remain unique or might even be a LEGO V8, but each team would get ...

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    Ferrari may leave F1 if standard engine approved

    Could one unthinkable action be followed by another? It may be, if Formula 1 heads get their wish for a standard engine for the racing series. Both Toyota, a team near the bottom of the standings, and Ferrari, which is up near the top as it usually is, have expressed their concerns about such a ...

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    F1 teams spent over $3 billion, Toyota the most

    While we knew Formula 1 racing was an expensive venture, leave it to the 2008/2009 edition of Formula Money to spell-out the jaw-dropping finances for us. According to their latest guide, the supporting cast will shell out over $3 billion this year in team resources -- with Toyota dropping more ...

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    F1: Ferrari holds on to its Finn -- Raikkonen extends to 2010

    Ferrari announced during the first practice day of this weekend's Monza GP that Kimi Raikkonen's contract has been extended by one year. This mean's he's locked into service with the scuderia until the end of 2010, which is the same time Felipe Massa's contract runs out. Terms of the extension ...

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    [SPOILER ALERT] Turkish Grand Prix was dog gone good

    Click above for high-res gallery of the 2008 Turkish Grand PrixThe real story coming out of this weekend's Turkish Grand Prix should be the fact that Ferrari won again and Lewis Hamilton is driving better than any other driver in F1, but a stray dog that was struck and killed on track during a GP2 ...


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