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    EDO Competition tweaks Ferrari Enzo to 700 hp

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Edo Competition Ferrari Enzo.Edo Competition has no qualms about taking positively perfect exotic machinery and tweaking it to suit customer's tastes. And when it comes to the paragon of rolling automotive masterworks, the Ferrari Enzo is arguably King of ...

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    Crazy rich guy attempts to legalize Ferrari FXX for the street

    Hey, wait a minute – we thought you couldn't actually purchase the Ferrari FXX, let alone take one out to cavort on the streets of Switzerland. The way it was originally explained, people with 2.5 million dollars to dispose of could purchase the privelege to plant their hindquarters in the ...

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    For Sale: Ferrari, MUST GO - Enzo on Craigslist

    A Ferrari on Craigslist? Yeah, right. Is it one of those nasty little Fiero-based abominations? No, it looks like an honest-to-badass Enzo. Wow. Of course, it's in LA! Would you expect this ugliest of Ferraris to show up on the Minneapolis Craigslist? Take your $1.9 million bucks and head over to ...

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    Ferrari Enzo successor to feature 900 HP twin-turbo V8?

    We just told you about the upcoming Enzo replacement based on the Millechili concept a few days ago, but now we have a few more juicy rumors to share. Informed sources tell us that the upcoming replacement for Ferrari's Enzo supercar will take a different tack. As was reported earlier, it is ...

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    Enzo-gate update: "Dietrich" sentenced to 30 days jail, three years probation

    Just when we thought we could finally move on from the Enzo-gate affair, word comes from the AP that 27 year-old Trevor Michael Karney, AKA "Dietrich", has been sentenced to 30 days in prison in addition to three years of probation. The jail time is a result of Karney giving false information to ...

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    Enzogate update: Dietrich may exist after all

    Remember Dietrich? He was the mystery German man Stefan Eriksson first said was driving that Ferrari Enzo last year when it crashed. After Eriksson admitted to being the driver, Eriksson said he must have fabricated Dietrich due to the blackout he suffered after the crash.Los Angeles County ...

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    Enzo Crash Watch: Another one bites it

    How many are we down to? 391, 390? Of the 399 (plus one extra built for the pope to auction off for Tsunami victims, gotta love church auctions) Enzos built by Ferrari, a decent number has been written off as scrap metal. Various accidents have taken from us these special vehicles, and we have yet ...

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    VIDEO: Eddie Griffin interviewed after Enzo-icide

    Looks like Eddie Griffin hasn't been coached well enough by the PR people for his film Redline. Griffin missed an obvious opportunity to use the movie's tagline, "Fear Nothing. Risk Everything" to explain why he crashed a Ferrari Enzo during a charity event to promote the movie. Instead, he answers ...

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    Ferrari Enzo named world's 'most iconic car'

    When the The Zurich Iconic Car Index sought out to find the best of the best in the Super Car market, there were a lot of really tough choices. High-dollar items like the Bugatti Veyron, Carerra GT, and the Vanquish cost a ton and have cache coming out their tail pipes. The competition was based ...

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    Donated Enzo nets $1,150,000 for St. Jude's Children's Hospital

    We spoke to organizers of the "Runway for Life" benefit for St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital over the weekend to get an update on the Enzo auction, and it's safe to say that the car did its job. According to our source, the Enzo sold for $1,150,000 to Luxury Motors, a dealership located in ...

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    Ferrari Enzo donated to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital

    An anonymous and very generous benefactor has donated a Ferrari Enzo to St. Jude's Children's Research Hospital. The car, a US-spec 2003 model, will be auctioned off on Friday, September 15 at the annual "Runway for Life" event, a star-studded celebrity fashion gala taking place at the Beverly ...

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    eBay find of the day: Enzo for ninety-nine pence

    We found out early this morning that Redbull is not an easy substance to remove from a keyboard. The resulting caffeine/taurine-fueled spit-take came courtesy of this Ferrari Enzo popping up on the U.K. eBay site yesterday. The opening bid is set at, we kid you not, £.99 and will end on the ...

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    T-Top Enzo destroyed in high-speed crash

    UPDATE 1Remember the T-Top Ferrari Enzo owned by Richard Losee we featured awhile back? In a recent issue of Road and Track we read a piece penned by Losee himself describing how he cracked 200 mph in his ultra-rare Enzo. That was probably one of the last high-speed runs the Enzo experienced, as ...

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    The incredible Ferrari Enzo Targa

    As a disclaimer, we'll say up front that this custom Ferrari Enzo targa is not new news. After some research, we discovered a Road & Track article from November, 2005 that was written by the car's owner, Richard Losee. Mr. Losee's Enzo might be the most driven Enzo on earth, as at the time of ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Ferrari Enzo + Golddigga

    Yahoo! News is reporting that a woman in Germany is auctioning off her Ferrari Enzo on eBay with a little added-value bonus – herself. The 26-year-old who claims she worked as a singer in Syria has put the starting price at $1.6 million, and while we have yet to find the actual eBay listing ...

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    Say it ain't Seoul! Another Enzo meets its maker

    Well, the Ferrari Enzo continues to appreciate in value, and not only due to it's limited production and hyper-exoticness. Some Enzos fall victim to their Schuey-wannabe owners, who learn too late that owning an Enzo and having the skills required to handle one are two very different things.Today's ...

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    Stefan Eriksson pleads "not guilty"

    After an attorney switch-a-roo, Stefan Eriksson entered a plea of "not guilty" in response to nine charges against him including grand theft, embezzlement and drunken-driving. For those of you who were living under a rock or caught up in an American Idol stupor over the last few months, the seven ...

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    Video of SLK with SLR motor embarassing Enzo

    We’re sure all of you remember the Mercedes Benz SLK coupe with an SLR engine we posted on a while back. We were told the owner was Mid-Eastern rally champion Mohamed Bin Sulayem, and a video has surfaced in which the Franken-coupe does battle with a Ferrari Enzo on what appears to be a ...


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