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ferrari theme park

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    Ferrari World: Opening day images [w/video]

    That's not a rendering, it's Ferrari World Abu Dhabi from above – Click above for high-res image gallery
    You may never get the chance to strap yourself behind the wheel of a real live Formula One racing car festooned with all manner of Prancing Horses. We feel your pain, but perhaps the ...

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    Ferrari IMAX film in production

    Click to view the Ferrari IMAX shoot in hi-res The folks at IMAX have been responsible for turning out some pretty darn spectacular panoramic cinematic masterpieces, capturing nature's wonders from the depths of the ocean to the reaches of outer space. The production crews are now focusing their ...

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    Ferrari theme park lays the first stone... and it's red

    It's a testament to car culture in general that an automaker believes it can build a theme park based on its brand and that people will come. Ferrari is one of the few names with enough draw to make such a venture work, and Abu Dhabi is perhaps the only place in the world with enough real estate ...

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    Ferrari to embark on 50 country tour to celebrate 60th anniversary

    Ask any red-blooded Ferrari tifosi and they'll recognize the significance of the year 1947. That was the year the magic started. It was the year that il commendatore, Enzo Ferrari, started selling the first cars that bore his name. Many world championships, street car accolades, and happy customers ...


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