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12Ferrari to pay Fiat Chrysler $2.8B prior to spinoff

Fiat Chrysler Automobiles is trying to get capital together in a hurry to finance the automaker's growth plans. Among its strategies to raise money, Ferrari will be spun off from the FCA mothership next year with an initial public offering. However, the Italian supercar maker will be a couple billion dollars poorer at the start of its new life.

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7Montezemolo shoots down Ferrari IPO rumors

Put your money away, people. Ferrari Chairman Luca di Montezemolo has told a German newspaper his company will not be going public anytime soon, saying, "No, there is nothing on the agenda," according to Automotive News Europe. According to the executive, Ferrari parent company Fiat doesn't need the cash that would be generated by an IPO, and that while he can't know what will happen in the far-off future, right now the automaker will continue with business as usual.

10Marchionne: Ferrari worth $7.3 Billion, with a B

The Ferrari brand is among the most exclusive and revered in the world, but how much is it worth? Bloomberg reports that Fiat CEO Sergio Marchionne feels the Prancing Horse is worth more than 5 billion euros, or $7.3 billion in U.S. dollars. That's a big chunk of change for an automaker that cleared only $430 million in 2010 on sales of $2.73 billion, and the total represents 63 percent of the entire Fiat group's estimated worth of $11.4 billion.

4Reuters: Montezemolo denies plans for Ferrari listing

Despite the prophecies that many analysts made last year, it looks like neither Fiat nor Ferrari has any pressing interest in listing the supercar maker as a separate entity from its parent company. According to Reuters, Ferrari CEO Luca Cordero di Montezemolo has said that there are no current plans to list the company, and that while such a project may crop up in the next four-to-five years, it's not something that's on the table at the moment. Montezemolo made the comments while speaking with

12Report: Marchionne admits Fiat may sell off Ferrari ahead of merger

Sergio Marchonne, CEO of Fiat and the Chrysler Group, has stated that he is looking to raise some cash ahead of the upcoming Fiat/Chrysler merger. One possible way to do this? Reduce its 90 percent ownership stake in Ferrari through an IPO. Fiat estimates that Ferrari is currently worth $3.3 billion, and offering stock in the Italian sports car manufacturer could generate some serious coin.

7Marchionne pondering Ferrari IPO?

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