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ferrari four

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    Official: Novitec Rosso hatches plans for Ferrari FF

    Monotony can be draining, but there are certain forms of it we could get used to. Like being around Ferrari models all day, every day. Sure, they're all two-door, rear-drive sports cars, but they're exciting ones at that. But then comes along the FF to break the mold of monotony with its unique ...

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    Report: Ferrari FF converted to run on bio-ethanol packs 875 hp

    There are drawbacks to every kind of alternative to burning fossil fuels in our cars. Electric cars don't have enough range.Hybrids are burdened with what essentially boils down to two parallel powertrains. Hydrogen is limited to where it is available. Bio-ethanol has its own drawbacks, but don't ...

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    Alonso and Massa slalom Ferrari FF coupes on the slopes [w/video]

    Ferrari factory drivers are used to racing in all sorts of conditions: under the baking sun, in the pouring rain, at night and at sunset. Competing in the snow has historically been beyond their usual purview, but then again, Ferrari never made an all-wheel-drive vehicle before. That's where the ...

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    Videos: Inside and behind the scenes of the new Ferrari FF

    Typically when an automaker rolls out a new vehicle, it fits into a certain mold. Even if it isn't replacing a specific model, it generally follows a certain formula by which the automaker operates. Especially for an automaker like Ferrari, which only makes – and only has ever made – ...

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    Video: Ferrari FF 4RM drivetrain explained

    Ferrari goes digital to explain the drivetrain of the 2012 FF – Click above to watch video after the jump
    The latest exotic machine from Maranello is the 2012 FF. The unusual Ferrari is a four-passenger shooting-brake with a 651-horsepower, 6.3-liter V12 under the hood. All of that ...

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    Ferrari Four, Lamborghini Aventador reportedly sold out for 2011

    They're both Italian. They both have V12 engines with around six and a half liters of displacement and upwards of 600 horsepower driving all four wheels. They'll also both cost their affluent buyers over a third of a million dollars to get their hands on (before speculation and everything else is ...

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    Ferrari Four hits the dunes, invites us inside

    2012 Ferrari FF – Click either image for high-res image gallery
    Ferrari's unprecedented FF marks a startling new direction for the Italian automaker. The first all-wheel-drive Ferrari is also the first factory shooting brake, picking up where coachbuilt specials like Drogo's 250 GTO ...

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    Geneva 2011: Ferrari FF hatches its plot

    Ferrari FF - Click above for high-res image gallery
    A European extravagasm like the Geneva Motor Show always holds its share of oddities, be they electric beach buggies or luxury cars swathed in Pepto Bismol. They don't usually come from a company like Ferrari, but this year the Maranello ...

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    Video: Ferrari Four put through the paces at Bolocco in the dark

    Ferrari Four testing at Bolocco – Click above to watch the video after the jump
    You can bet dollars to donuts that when Ferrari brings a new car to market, it's undergone a ridiculously thorough testing regimen. That applies whether it's developing a coupe, a convertible or even a station ...

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    The new Ferrari Four from a different angle

    2012 Ferrari Four – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Red may be the iconic color for Ferrari, but not all Ferraris look good in the company's trademark scarlet shade. Especially the flagship four-seat GTs, like the outgoing 612 Scaglietti and the 456 GT that came before it. But just ...

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    Ferrari's fantastic four-wheel-drive FF flagship four-seat fastback

    2012 Ferrari FF – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Beautiful. Fast. Expensive. There are any of a number of adjectives you could use to describe a Ferrari. Radical is one of them, too. But versatile? Hold on to your hats, because the FF is like no other Ferrari we've seen ...


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