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ferrari f430 replacement

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    Rendered Speculation: Ferrari F142 taking shape

    CAR Magazine is running a new sketch of what they anticipate the newest V8 Ferrari will look like, and we have to say, we're a little disappointed. Internally dubbed the Ferrari F142, Maranello's replacement for the F430 is inching closer to its first public showing, and although we've seen some ...

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    Rumormill churnin' away on Ferrari F430 replacement

    Ferrari Ascari design study from 2005 "New Concepts of the Myth" design challenge
    Details may be few and far between, but speculate is rampant on the upcoming successor to the Ferrari F430. The Prancing Horse rarely produces concept cars, but when it does, they make 'em count. So expect some of ...

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    Spy Shots: Ferrari F430 successor

    World Car Fans has just posted some spy photos and renderings of what they think the replacement for the Ferrari F430 will look like. If the pics make it look a lot like an F430, it's because this is a mule based on the upcoming F430 CS/LP. The rendering seems to distance itself from the F430 a ...


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