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ferrari 348

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    Online Find of the Day: 2000 Ferrari Enzo mule

    Ferrari Enzo mule – Click above for high-res image gallery
    It's not every day that a Ferrari mule comes up for sale, but that day, ladies and gentlemen, has arrived. What you see here may look like an old 348, maybe with some 355 components retrofitted. But what you're actually looking at ...

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    VIDEO: Simply the Best - Clarkson shows Ferrari 348 much love on Top Gear circa 1991

    Grab yourself a Zima and click above to watch the video after the jump
    The Sixties came back for a while. Then the Seventies returned for an encore performance. Now, even things from the Eighties are coming back into style. But we're praying to everything holy that the Nineties stay far, far ...

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    Aargh, my eyes!!! Ferrari 348 TS "Harlequin" edition

    Remember those Harlequin VW Golfs? You know, the ones where all the body panels were different colors? Well, this is the same thing, only it's a Ferrari 348, and it's for sale in the UK. According to the seller, the car draws stares (gee, big surprise) and is finished to a high standard. Whether or ...


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