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ferrari 348 ts

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    Report: Technician sues Ferrari shop after being paralyzed in high-speed accident

    In 2008, a technician at The Ferrari Centre in Kent, England took a customer's Ferrari 348 TS for a test ride. The tech, Shane Harris, said he was told by the shop owner, Roger Collingwood, to "open her up" and do 100 miles per hour. So Harris opened it up on the A274 highway, and while he didn't ...

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    Aargh, my eyes!!! Ferrari 348 TS "Harlequin" edition

    Remember those Harlequin VW Golfs? You know, the ones where all the body panels were different colors? Well, this is the same thing, only it's a Ferrari 348, and it's for sale in the UK. According to the seller, the car draws stares (gee, big surprise) and is finished to a high standard. Whether or ...


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