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    Fernando Alonso gets himself a Maserati GranCabrio

    Fernando Alonso with his new Maserati GranCabrio – Click above for high-res image gallery
    What do Formula One drivers drive in their downtime? Well, when you're a two-time world champion like Fernando Alonso, you get to drive pretty much whatever you want. That is, assuming the team you're ...

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    BREAKING: Alonso signs with Renault

    UPDATE: Official press release from Renault confirming Alonso's return can be read after the jump. var digg_url = ''; Emerging reports confirm that Fernando Alonso has signed a two-year contract with the Renault F1 Team, ...

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    Alonso to announce today, Ghosn throws wrench into the works

    The motorsport press is reporting that Fernando Alonso will announce sometime today whose car he will be driving next season. The two-time world champion was recently released from his contract with McLaren-Mercedes, with whom he had a very tumultuous last season. Rumors have been circulating the ...

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    Fast Move: Fernando Alonso leaves McLaren

    It's official: Fernando Alonso won't be driving next year for McLaren. The double world champion just completed a tumultuous first season out of his contracted three years with the British team, but it was clear for all to see that the driver wasn't happy, and the team wasn't happy with its new ...

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    Who'll replace Alonso at McLaren?

    With the 2007 season of Formula One racing now neatly tied up, the last few remaining seats for next year are filling up fast. Following Mercedes' release of Fernando Alonso from his contract with McLaren and his earlier reported letter of intent with Renault where he won his two world titles, ...

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    Report: Mercedes releases Alonso

    'You don't want us, and we don't want you.' That seems to be the consensus at Mercedes-Benz regarding Fernando Alonso, who has openly stated his displeasure over the course of the season with McLaren, the F1 team principally owned and powered by Mercedes. According to emerging reports, the ...

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    VIDEO: Boys will be Boys...especially in a McLaren

    As far as rivalries go in Formula One, the competition between two drivers in the same team is far more intense than that between rival squads. Few have articulated that point quite as vividly as Fernando Alonso and Lewis Hamilton, the two star drivers at McLaren-Mercedes. One's a returning ...

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    Mmm...race car

    Carbon fiber, aluminum...chocolate? Regrettably, this isn't a new development in F1 construction technology, but a motor racing fan's fantasy: a replica Formula One race car, made entirely of chocolate. Incredibly, it wasn't made as a promotional tool for the Belgian Grand Prix, either. A pastry ...

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    Alonso's new wheels: McLaren SLR

    Now that's more like it. The best Renault could seem to offer their driving ace Fernando Alonso was a Renaultsport Megane after winning two back-to-back world championships. But now that the defending champ has switched over the McLaren-Mercedes, his patrons have awarded him more suitable wheels: ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: Fernando Alonso's Renault

    Want to own the Renault that Fernando Alonso drove during his second championship-winning season? It's up for sale on eBay. Unfortunately, the Renault in question is not an F1 car, but a road-going Renaultsport Megane which Alonso drove for some promotional events, being sold out of Barcelona, ...

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    SPOILER ALERT: Ups and Downs at Brazilian GP season closer

    The 2006 Formula One season came down to a nail-biting final race in Sao Paulo, Brazil today, as hometown hero Felipe Massa sailed to the checkered flag and reigning champion Fernando Alonso claimed his second consecutive title with a comfortable second place podium finish. Despite having ...


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