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federation international de lautomobile

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    FIA considers re-instituting 107% qualification threshold to keep out the riffraff

    If you've been following this year's Formula One World Championship and wonder how the backmarkers – mostly the new teams that joined the grid for 2010 – have been allowed to compete given their lagging performance, know that the FIA is on top of things. According to emerging ...

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    Volkswagen wants to supply F1 with new four-cylinder "world engine"

    Formula 3 Dallara-Volkswagen
    Arguably more than any other automaker, Volkswagen has been the subject of much debate regarding a potential F1 program over the past year or two. The German industrial giant is one of the largest never to have competed in the pinnacle motorsport series. But while ...

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    Report: F1 turbine engine proposal being analyzed by FIA?

    Think F1 racers are more like fighter jets than cars? You're not far off. Both F1 cars and jets are made primarily of lightweight composites, travel at ludicrous speeds, generate unfathomable Gs of force, have single-seat cockpits, cost millions of dollars, and are developed (and operated) by ...

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    FIA, Briatore put an end to legal saga

    It's been a long, drawn-out affair extending back two years since the 2008 Singapore Grand Prix. That's when then-Renault F1 chiefs Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds allegedly instructed their rookie driver Nelson Piquet Jr to crash on purpose and give the advantage to his world-champion wingman ...

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    Report: French court overturns F1 bans for Briatore and Symonds

    Former Renault Formula One leads Flavio Briatore and Pat Symonds
    It looks like 2010 is starting off as a better year for Flavio Briatore. According to Planet F1, a French court has overturned the lifetime ban on the former Renault Formula One head honcho, along with alleged co-conspirator Pat ...

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    REPORT: Court rejects rejected F1 team

    Hell hath no fury like a racing team scorned. Among the dozen teams that lodged bids this year to join the F1 grid for 2010 was N.Technology. The racing outfit is known to some European fans as the squad that fielded race-prepped Alfas in various touring car series (pictured above), but its bid ...

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    REPORT: Former Ferrari chief Jean Todt confirms candidacy for FIA president

    The heat is on as former Ferrari chief executive Jean Todt has reportedly confirmed his candidacy for FIA president. The Frenchman has been touted as a potential head of the international motorsport governing body and automobile federation for years, with rumors intensifying following his ...


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