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    Baileyspeed Blade goes from daydream to concept car

    How many times have you been stuck in traffic and let your mind wander, dreaming of your personally designed supercar? Take the beltline of that, the fenders of this, those headlights and whatever engine that is you can hear three cars over. Few of us have the resources, talent or time to make it a ...

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    By the Numbers: October 2007

    Apologies for the tardiness in delivering our By the Numbers post this month, but we're here with it now and all the automakers have reported their numbers. Big picture, ups and downs in the industry appear about even, so perhaps October 2007 was a wash. General Motors sales fell 1.1% compared to ...

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    Driving Impression: 2008 Acura TL Type-S Six-speed

    Click the photo of the 2008 TL for a high-res galleryAcura kicked off its 2008 model presentation with a rundown of what's new for 2008, which isn't much. The bulk of the presentation was actually about the development of the AXR-01 LMP2 race car. Once that was over, we had the opportunity to ...

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    By the Numbers: August 2007

    You didn't think we forgot to report the numbers, did you? We imagine some automakers wish we had, for instance Jaguar and Mercury, which share our Biggest Loser honor this month by dropping an identical 20.2% in sales. Another of Ford's brands, Land Rover, was the Biggest Winner, jumping 32.2% in ...

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    Freudian slip in the Chelfing Razzle's spec sheet

    The Chelfing Razzle is just one in a parade of heinously dated-looking cars available to buyers in its home market of China. There's really nothing particularly interesting to report about the car itself, which the automaker describes as a blend of "Japanese style and Italian reliability, giving ...

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    Chrysler celebrating 20 years of modern concept vehicles

    click on this photo of the Portofino for a HUGE gallery of Chrysler concepts var digg_url = ''; At the 1987 Frankfurt Motor Show, Chrysler opened a new chapter in its history with the introduction of the ...

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    Dozen reasons to send car designers back to school

    Bill Howard reviews a new vehicle each week for the website, TechnoRide. While most people envy this aspect of his job, he points out that driving so many vehicles exposes him to flaws and foibles that generate responses ranging from "Huh?" to "What were they thinking?" to "Stop the car, I want to ...


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