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9Honda FCX Clarity hard at work at Tokyo's Narita International Airport

Honda is looking to test out its fuel cell FCX Clarity by putting casual users in its passenger seats with an experiment at Tokyo's Narita International Airport. According to the automaker, an undisclosed amount of FCX Clarity sedans are now in motion at and around Narita Airport. The fuel cell vehicles will be used to chauffeur passengers from the airport to downtown Tokyo, a distance of around 45 miles.

14Honda FCX clarity arrives in Europe, but only for the media

2009 Honda FCX Clarity - Click above for high-res image gallery

AddHonda starts FCX leases in Japan, kids targeted

Deliveries of the US-spec FCX Clarity took place back in July and since then plenty of celebrities and excited hydrogen fuel cell advocates have been leasing the vehicles in Southern California. Honda has long planned to also offer the FCX Clarity in Japan, but it wasn't until today that anyone there has been able to take one home. Well, sort of. The first delivery in Japan was to the Ministry of the Environment, which previously had the original FCX fuel cell vehicle. In Japan, Honda will only

AddFirst keys delivered to customer for Honda FCX Clarity

The very first set of keys for Honda's brand new FCX Clarity have been delivered to film producer Ron Yerxa and Annette Ballester. The duo took delivery of their new hydrogen fuel cell-powered FCX Clarity on Friday, July 25, 2008 at Honda of Santa Monica. Now that the first production second-gen FCX has been delivered, we'd imagine that Jon Spallino, Jim Salomon, Laura Harris, and Jamie Lee Curtis will be getting phone calls of their own in no time at all. Mr. Spallino has actually been driving

AddInfo on Honda's new global hybrid

Do you like the Honda FCX Clarity (above) but wish it had a more standard hybrid powertrain instead of its million-dollar hydrogen fuel cell guts? You might get your wish, kind of.

AddEVS23: Things get started

EVS23, the 23rd major symposium on Electric Vehicles organized by the Electric Drive Transportation Association (EDTA) and the World Electric Vehicle Association (WEVA), began Monday morning in Anaheim, California with a series of addresses that set the stage for what will happen here over the next three days.

5Autoblog Podcast #81

Now here's something worth giving thanks over. The podcast makes its return in time for you to load it on your iPod for the drive over the river and through the woods. We've been away at shows, so of course we do some recapping of whatever highlights struck our fancy at Tokyo, SEMA, and LA. We start Autoblog Podcast episode #81 by discussing pickups, though. New spy shots of the 2009 F150 have surfaced and that pushes us into a wider ranging discussion about pickemups. From there, we try to send

AddLA 2007: 2009 Honda FCX Clarity Live reveal

Click the FCX Clarity for a high-res gallery

AddLA 2007 Preview: "Production" Honda FCX to debut

Honda will be taking the wraps off the "production" version of their latest generation FCX at the Los Angeles Auto Show next month. The new fuel cell-powered FCX is based on the concept version that we drove a year ago and will be available to fleets and retail customers in the US and Japan starting in 2008. Initial volumes will be low and it's expected to only be available on a lease basis in places where there is some hydrogen availability such as California. The original FCX in 2003 was the f

AddHonda's FCX makes European debut

Honda's next-generation FCX Concept fuel cell vehicle made its European driving debut at the Gotland Ring in Sweden yesterday. The FCX is claimed to have a energy efficiency of around 60 percent (which is 3 times more than a gasoline car, twice as much as a hybrid - but there was no mention on how efficient was obtaining the hydrogen). Honda is developing a new fuel cell vehicle and the FCX is an intermediate step. This vehicle should be available in 2008 for Japan and the US.

17Honda to let individuals test FCX in 2008; plans cheaper hybrid in 2009

Click photo for Autoblog Green's FCX test drive.

AddThe Union of Concerned Scientists names Honda the "Greenest Automaker"

Honda has been making headlines on sites such as ours as of late with the greening of their automotive fleet. Remember, Honda is not exactly a newcomer to the world of green vehicles, their Insight brought them into the hybrid game right from the start. Not only that, the combined fuel economy of their fleet of vehicles is the best in America. They offer hybrid versions of their Civic and Accord, and have been working on their hydrogen fuel cell vehicles for years. They also have CNG versions of

AddFox 11 "Auto Evolution" video series online covers fuel-cells, plug-in hybrids and more

Fox 11 Los Angeles has posted a four-part video series online called Auto Evolution which looks at the green vehicles and auto technology of the future which promise lower emissions and better mileage. John Beard and Christine Devine filed the reports which offer a good cross-section of interviews, background information and on-the-road examples of the technologies covered. Each episode runs around 5 minutes. Part one is below, and the other three are after the jump.

AddIs $84,000 for a hydrogen fuel cell vehicle reasonable?

We mentioned this on AutoblogGreen over the holidays, but I came across another aspect of the claim by Honda President Takeo Fukui's statement that he expects hydrogen fuel cell vehicles to be widely available in 2018 that bears thinking about. As Sam mentioned in his original post, Fukui believes that within a decade after the FCX is released, fuel cell cars will be available if the cost of these cars comes down to about a tenth of what they are now.

AddReporter finds driving fuel cell vehicle similar to other cars

A writer for the San Francisco Chronicle spent a few days in a Mercedes-Benz FCX fuel-cell car. Although he wanted to feel like a pioneer with the upcoming technology, he discovered that hydrogen fuel-cell cars are quite similar in most driving aspects to mainstream vehicles. There are the quiet operation and the adjustments for refueling, but Michael Taylor found the experience not unlike driving an electric vehicle (as AutoblogGreen readers should already know). One concern: driving in the rai

AddHonda president expects generally available fuel cell cars by 2018

Honda has already announced their plans to make a production version of the fuel cell powered FCX concept available to the public in limited quantities starting in 2008. Now in an interview with Kyodo News in Japan, Honda President Takeo Fukui has stated that he expects that fuel cell cars will be widely available on the market within ten years after the launch of the FCX. In order to make the fuel cells widely available at an affordable price, Fukui says that they still need to reduce the amoun

AddHonda FCX concept fuel cell car in depth, Pt. 3 - Construction and interior

(Editor's Note: don't miss Parts One and Two of this series)

AddHonda FCX concept fuel cell car in depth, Pt. 2 - Styling and powertrain

(Editor's Note: don't miss the Part One of this series)

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