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    One Last Time: Henderson slams door on Pontiac G8 revival

    Middle East-market Chevy Lumina SS - Click above for high-res gallery
    General Motors CEO Fritz Henderson held a web chat with journalists earlier today over at the automaker's Fastlane Blog. (Full transcript available here.) Now, despite persistent rumors to the contrary, it's been reported a few ...

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    FastLane launches "The Case for GM" video series

    GM began to counter the rumor and rabble with its Facts and Fiction site. Now they've gone a step further and introduced a video series called The Case for GM. The introduction video is by Christopher Barger, director of global communications technology, telling us that the series is meant to ...

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    Lutz from Oz: Camaro "as awesome as the concept"

    In his latest missive on the Fastlane Blog, GM car czar Bob Lutz checks in after a trip to Australia during which he sampled several new Pontiac G8s (he called the Ponchos "fabulous"), the Buick Park Avenue destined for China, and the Daewoo Veritas, another Holden sedan export. Oh, he also drove ...

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    GM's Flickr photo page

    General Motors' presence in the 'blogosphere' has taken the next logical progression with the addition of its own Flickr account. Although it's been around for a while, we haven't tired of clicking through some of the great photography that the page has to offer.Between professional and amateur ...

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    Watch GM unveil the Silverado and Sierra at 10AM

    At 10 am this morning GM will unveil two of their most important models for 2007. The Silverado and Sierra full-size pickups' debut will be broadcast live via GM's Fast Lane blog here and your auto-obsessed friends at Autoblog will provide full team coverage.These new GMT-900-based trucks represent ...

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    Ricky speaks! General Motors chief Rick Wagoner talks turnaround on FastLane Blog

    General Motors chairman and CEO Rick Wagoner chose to fill us in on GM's turnaround progress via the company's FastLane Blog, a soapbox usually reserved for one Bob Lutz. GM's chief reiterated some of the statements he made earlier in the week to the business media, spinning away a second quarter ...


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