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    ETC: Mercedes treads into fashion world with AMG burnout bags [w/video]

    Fashion can be difficult to understand, especially for us literal-minded car enthusiasts, but Mercedes-Benz AMG is making things very simple with its new fashion line. Its new line of Burn Out Bags, along with German label Destroy vs. Beauty, are made by running over high-quality leather with ...

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    Official: Chevy and Isaac Mizrahi hope that when you think of high fashion, you think Malibu

    Isaac Mizrahi's clothing collection "inspired by the all-new 2013 Chevrolet Malibu" will hit the LivingSocial Shop in less than a week. Pitching the Malibu to women, Chevrolet announced in August that the fashion designer would create a line with cues taken not just from the Malibu, but also from ...

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    Video: Fashion guru Isaac Mizrahi shills for... the Chevy Malibu?

    If we didn't know that this news came from AdWeek we'd think it came from The Onion. Fashion designer Isaac Mizrahi, previously connected to everything from Bergdorf Goodman and Liz Claiborne to QVC and "Project Runway," is throwing his name behind the Chevy Malibu. You see, General Motors, ...

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    Video: Toyota shocks ad world with topless androgynous model

    This one will take some puzzling. Toyota has released an ad for the company's brand-new 2013 Auris hatchback, complete with a topless model. It's not what you think, however. The agency behind the spot contracted Stav Strashko, a 19-year-old male model born in the Ukraine and raised in Israel for ...

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    Couple buys 3,333 socks, gets free Fiat 500

    For most of us, a mismatched sock is not something to be celebrated, but then most of us are not pre-teen girls. While we were admittedly unaware that the Punky Brewster look is back in favor among stylish kids, fashion company LittleMissMatched got our attention with its latest promotion: Giving ...

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    Milan welcomes the Pirelli corso Venezia

    We're used to hearing the word "Pirelli" outside the world of tires, but those mentions usually refer to 12 pages of nubile beauties wearing nail polish and a little bit of pasta. The Italian tire company plans to blow all that up with the opening of its Pirelli corso Venezia lifestyle boutique ...

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    Report: Tumi goes beyond luggage with pair of Mini specials

    Short of full-grain fitted leather, luggage doesn't get much nicer than Tumi. Last year, we brought you a range of custom pieces Tumi made specifically for the Lexus LFA, but this latest release goes beyond the trunk. Teaming up with Mini, Tumi has created a pair of special editions Mini ...

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    Chevy Beat stars as centerpiece of European young artists competition [w/video]

    Young Creative Chevrolet awards – Click above to watch video after the jump
    Just as Toyota rocks a lot more hip in Australia than it does in the U.S., Chevrolet's got far more groove in Europe than it does domestically. That kind of juice gives rise to things like the fourth annual Young ...

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    Citroen creates a special DS3 for Yves Saint Laurent

    Citroen DS3 Yves Saint Laurent – Click above for high-res image
    With its new premium DS range, Citroen is desperate to do the same thing to its hatchbacks as French fashion has done for clothes. But sometimes it can be a bit of a stretch. Take for example, this DS3 crafted for Yves Saint ...

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    Coco's Ride: What if Chanel designed automobiles?

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the Chanel Fiole concept car
    Jinyoung Jo is a car designer at Hong-ik University in South Korea, and this is her creation: the Chanel Fiole concept. As with classic Coco Chanel work, the design of the car was centered on simplicity of lines and "the best of ...

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    Mercedes looks at a new market with optical range

    Click to view the Mercedes eyewear collection in our high resolution image gallery Still recuperating from its failed venture with Chrysler, Mercedes-Benz is embarking on a new cooperative venture of a different kind, one that looks a hell of a lot cooler. At its Fashion Week event that concluded ...

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    Can't get enough Mercedes? Try Mercedes-Benz TV

    Mercedes has its 3-pointed hands in just about everything, from classic rallies to virtual opera to Fashion Week's around the world. In just two days, at 8PM on July 12, you'll be able to keep track of it all when Mercedes-Benz launches five channels of Internet television devoted to lifestyle, ...

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    The 911 Turbo of footwear

    At roughly $130, they're not the most expensive footwear out there, but they're certainly no ordinary sneaker, either. Likewise, the Porsche 911 isn't the most expensive car out there, but it's darn good at what it does, and you do pay a premium for that.Adidas and Porsche Design have gotten ...

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    Another answer to an unasked question: Saab's Little White Purse

    We're not sure why strains of "Little Green Bag" are going through our head. Perhaps because it's about as funky as this little white purse. Saab teamed up with fashion designer Osman Yousefzada to create "The Little White Purse." The impetus behind the lash-up is to reduce the approximately one ...

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    Fashion on Wheels

    The Paris show was the perfect venue for Lamborghini to take the wraps off the stunning special-edition Murcielago created together with famous Italian design house Versace. But that wasn't the first such crossover between the worlds of wheels and fashion., the online portal of ...

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    Brenda Priddy's fall collection

    Ah, Fashion Week. That time of year when designers roll out their most extravagant, over-the-top Spring fashion ideas so we can have the Target knock-offs next April when the weather actually allows us to wear them. While Y3, Vera and DK may be the stars in NY, here at Autoblog we turn to that ...

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    Ford GT designer Pardo seen fiddling with bikinis, wedding gowns

    Camilo Pardo, better known as the man behind the Ford GT, is dabbling a bit in a side job that would appear to be right up his alley -- women's clothing. The automotive designer, branded as something of a Latin lover by the media, has created everything from a disposable wedding gown to a bikini ...

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    Bentley to don tartan for sake of high fashion?

    Bentley has long been known for its highly fashionable posing. The Scots? Well... not so much. Which is likely why authorities at the first-ever Scottish Fashion Awards sought out the high-end automaker-- credibility. Yes, the notion of haute couture in aland best known for its shortbread and ...

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    New York Auto Show: Audi's TT latest in auto erotic couture

    Audi's 2007 TT coupe received a suitably haute couture introduction in the fashion capitol of North America, New York City. Flanked by coathanger models wrapped in the latest stylings of designer Doo.Ri Chung, the press conference also featured an appearance by German supermodel Tatjana Patitz, ...


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