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fashion week

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    Official: Carmina Campus repurposes Mini parts into bag collection

    A brand like Mini is as much about image as it is about the vehicles it produces. Hence a seemingly endless array of branded merchandise, joined by this latest collection made in collaboration with Carmina Campus. The fashion brand directed by Ilaria Venturini Fendi – youngest daughter of ...

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    Video: Bizarre Mercedes SL fashion video with model Lara Stone isn't in Kansas anymore

    Mercedes-Benz has put together a fashion-shoot-and-video session with Dutch supermodel Lara Stone and the 2013 SL for Fashion Week, and the result is a vid that only those attending Fashion Week could understand. Which is, probably, half the point. We shared the "making of" video with you back ...

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    Video: Mercedes shows off SL's new curves with supermodel Lara Stone

    Mercedes-Benz sent Calvin Klein model Lara Stone out with a 2013 SL, and put photographer Alex Prager in charge of documenting the platform-heeled, Arcadian shenanigans. The project is called the 2012 Fashion Collaboration, Icons of Style, and will be shown in its entirety at Mercedes-Benz ...

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    Official: Fiat 500 Gucci confirmed for American debut at NY Fashion Week [w/video]

    Fashionable Europeans demand a few staple accessories. Things like a Gucci bag, a Fiat 500 and a tiny quivering dog to put in both. Fiat may not be in the breeding business, but the first two came together when the Italian automaker teamed up with the Italian fashion house to come out with the ...

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    "Bonjour, Michel": CitroŽn C6 Office -- like KITT for French businessmen

    Click above for a gallery of the Citroen C6 OfficeCitroën and Intersection magazine have integrated KITT-like visual style with a number of in-car distractions to create the C6 Office, a rolling style project aimed at European business overlords. It'll make its debut at the Cannes Film ...

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    Can't get enough Mercedes? Try Mercedes-Benz TV

    Mercedes has its 3-pointed hands in just about everything, from classic rallies to virtual opera to Fashion Week's around the world. In just two days, at 8PM on July 12, you'll be able to keep track of it all when Mercedes-Benz launches five channels of Internet television devoted to lifestyle, ...


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