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    Report: Ginetta acquires Farbio, GTS rebadged, U.S. certification under way

    Ginetta F400, née Fabrio GTS – Click above for image gallery
    Britain is rife with cottage-industry sportscar-makers, but two are joining forces as racing manufacturer Ginetta has reportedly acquired supercar start-up Farbio. The Farbio GTS was the brainchild of one Arash Farboud, ...

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    Autoblog Weekender: IRL, Making Mulsannes, a Russian Hummer Tractor Thingy, IRL, the Alfabeast ... and more IRL

    The Autoblog Weekender – Click above to find out what you missed
    In February's first Weekender, NASCAR already has its Car of Tomorrow and now Indycar is planning its car of 2012. Dallara has designed three sample chassis, and while they might not make IRL any more fun to watch, they ...

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    Short Circuit: Farbio releases GT350 Track Day Car

    With increasing restrictions and constricting traffic hampering driver's good times, many are looking to organized track days as an outlet for speedy thrills. This is especially true in the UK, where independent supercar manufacturer Farbio is based. And with that growing niche market in mind, ...

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    Faster Farbio GTS 400 on its way

    CAR just tested the newly updated Farbio GTS 400 and they seem to have enjoyed it. The original Farbio GTS was already available in normally aspirated or supercharged form, but the old engine put out just 384 hp with the blower. This year's new GTS 400 flagship puts ot 410 hp thanks to new pistons ...

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    Farboud's Latest: Arash reveals final form of AF10 supercar

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Arash AF10 Britain's history is punctuated in no small part by the proliferation of its cottage industry. And while the industrial revolution may have taken care of that to a large degree, it's still alive and thriving in the realm of the supercar. Small ...

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    Britain's newest supercar entrant: Farbio GTS

    Farbio. Not sold on the name, but we're sure there's a good reason behind it. Someone from the English sports car maker will email us and tell us that it's the maiden name of owner Chris Marsh's beloved grandmother or something, so we won't mock it, just state that it doesn't roll off the tongue. ...


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