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farbio gts

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    Teased: Arash teases new supercar to be unveiled tomorrow

    It was back in 2007 when Arash Farboud first came to our attention with the reveal of his Farbio GTS. He ended up selling that sports car project to another startup, which it turn sold it to Ginetta. That British sports and racing car constructor relabeled it the G60, and Farboud himself went to ...

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    Ginetta reveals new Farbio-based G60 in full

    Many elements typically lead up to the launch of a new car – or a new version of an existing one – and the gestation of this latest supercar has played out before our eyes over the course of the past year or so. What you're looking at is the new Ginetta G60, but if it looks familiar, ...

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    Short Circuit: Farbio releases GT350 Track Day Car

    With increasing restrictions and constricting traffic hampering driver's good times, many are looking to organized track days as an outlet for speedy thrills. This is especially true in the UK, where independent supercar manufacturer Farbio is based. And with that growing niche market in mind, ...

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    Faster Farbio GTS 400 on its way

    CAR just tested the newly updated Farbio GTS 400 and they seem to have enjoyed it. The original Farbio GTS was already available in normally aspirated or supercharged form, but the old engine put out just 384 hp with the blower. This year's new GTS 400 flagship puts ot 410 hp thanks to new pistons ...

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    New Arash AF-8 gets Z06 power, more civility

    click above for more pics of the Arash AF-8Bespoke exotic automakers are popping up like reality TV shows in the spring lineup, but none seem as driven as Arash Farboud, the man behind the Farbio GTS. We have no idea how many GTSs he's unloaded, but plans are underway to create another V8 coupe ...

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    Britain's newest supercar entrant: Farbio GTS

    Farbio. Not sold on the name, but we're sure there's a good reason behind it. Someone from the English sports car maker will email us and tell us that it's the maiden name of owner Chris Marsh's beloved grandmother or something, so we won't mock it, just state that it doesn't roll off the tongue. ...


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