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fairlane concept

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    Ford Bold Moves - Episode 15: Pitching the Fairlane Concept

    Ford Bold Moves, Episode 15 has hit the internets and is available for viewing. This week's episode focuses on the concept car and its perilous path to production, specifically the journey made by the Fairlane Concept that debuted at the 2005 Detroit Auto Show. The Fairlane Concept is scheduled to ...

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    Ford exec confirms Fairlane production for 2008

    With the clock winding down on its slow-selling minivans, a Ford Motor executive has finally confirmed that a production version of the Ford Fairlane concept car is planned for 2008, after months of rumors and reports. According to suppliers, Lincoln will also get a version of the new crossover. ...

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    Detroit cutting back on light trucks

    General Motors and Ford have announced plans to cut some of their light truck models to focus on new crossovers. Automotive News reported that GM's TrailBlazer (right) and Envoy SUVs are on the way out, with a scheduled 2009 restyling cancelled. The Blue Oval boys are cutting the Monterey minivan ...

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    Ford Fairlane greenlighted for production

    Say goodbye to the Ford minivans.The Detroit News is reporting that the Fairlane concept has been green lighted and will debut in production form during next year's auto show circuit. With its minivan sales in steady decline since 2000, FoMoCo has apparently decided to face the problem head-on by ...


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