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fairlady z

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    Official: Club to restore amazeballs Datsun Safari Rally Z

    Thanks to the Nissan Restoration Club, a legendary rally car is coming back to life. At the recent Nissan 360 media event, the Japanese automaker announced that its restoration club is bringing the Safari Rally Z back to original running condition. A variant of the Fairlady Z (or Datsun 240Z in ...

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    eBay Find of the Day: World's best Datsun 240Z resto-mod?

    The Datsun 240Z is a pantheon vehicle. By that we mean it belongs on many a car enthusiasts' all-time great vehicle lists. If you're in the market, there are plenty of options on eBay that will help you put one in your driveway. One Datsun in particular has caught our eye due to the quality of ...

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    Going Platinum: The $80,000 Tomica Nissan Fairlady Z432

    In honor of Tomica's 40th anniversary, jeweler Ginza Tanaka has produced a one-of-a-kind replica of the toymaker's die-cast 1970 Nissan Fairlady Z432 (the Z432 was a Japan-only model powered by the same S20 inline-6 used in the C10 Skyline GT-R). Unlike anything Tomica sells to the public, "toy" ...

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    Branew to unveil tuner kit for new Nissan 370Z

    Click above for a gallery of the Branew 2009 Nissan 370Z
    Nissan sportscars – the Z included – are a popular base for tuners, so it should come as no surprise that, with the newly revised 370Z just revealed, the JDM aftermarket is already lining up with their range of extras. Next up to ...

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    First look at new NISMO 370Z?

    Click above for slightly larger version
    It appears that the current NISMO Fairlady Z S-Tune GT might have a replacement waiting in the wings when the new Z car (370Z here in North America) arrives on scene. The photo above is now making the rounds on the web, and at the very least, it indicates ...

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    Gentlemen, grab your check books: 2008 Fairlady Z 380RS-Competition

    Click above for a gallery of the 2008 Nissan Fairlady Z 380RS-Competition.Almost a year after it was originally revealed, Nissan has finally put a price tag on the 2008 Fairlady Z 380RS-Competition. But let's not trifle with the cost of ownership yet. As its name implies, the 380RS is a ...

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    Enhanced Driving Pleasure: Japan gets new Fairlady Z

    Click image for our 35-shot high-resolution photo galleryEven though it quietly appeared without fanfare at December's Los Angeles Auto Show, the revised Nissan Z car is finally making its official Japanese debut. The Fairlady Z, as it's called in its home market, receives a restyled hood with a ...


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