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    GM announces plans to close Opel Antwerp facility

    General Motors is closing down its Opel plant in Antwerp, and forfeiting up to €500 million (about $707 million) in aid the Flemish government had promised if the operation had remained open. The action is expected to take place over the next few months. Shutting down Antwerp is just one part ...

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    Ken Okuyama Design takes over at former Mercedes Advanced Design studio in Irvine

    K07 - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    Anybody can start sketching cars in their basement and call themselves a design studio. Of course it helps if you've got the clout and experience that comes with having steered an established coachbuilder like Pininfarina. But if you're going to make ...

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    Is Hyundai targeting Texas for a new manufacturing plant?

    Richard Cortez, the Mayor of McAllen, Texas, called a news conference earlier this week to announce that city officials were in talks with an unnamed automaker to build a new manufacturing facility in the Rio Grande Valley. Interestingly enough, he gave few other details as he was worried about ...

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    Fiat could shift Alfa Romeo production to N.A. for sales in U.S.

    The weak dollar is driving yet another automaker to the States. On the heels of the announcement earlier this month that BMW will increase production in the U.S, Fiat is considering moving production of both Alfa Romeo cars, and Iveco trucks, to manufacturing plants on our shores. We first broke ...

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    Aston Martin building new design center

    Aston Martins rank highly among the most beautiful cars on the road. Granted, they all look pretty much the same – evolutions on a common theme that has ranged from the DB7 through to the upcoming production Rapide four-door – but each one is a study in elegance and ...

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    Hyundai to build new engine plant in U.S.

    Hyundai announced today its intention to build a new engine plant in the U.S. at its current lone production facility in Montgomery, Alabama. The new facility will cost Hyundai around $270 million and add an additional 520 jobs to the plant. Engines produced at the new facility, which will break ...

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    Ferrari School: New technical training facility opens in Maranello

    All those wasted years sitting in ordinary classrooms, drawing pictures of cars in our notebooks. We should have gone to Ferrari school! The Prancing Horse marque has just inaugurated its new Training Center with a 1,200 square-meter facility near the factory in Maranello. The new Ferrari ...

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    Special for Ferrari: Alcoa opens new aluminum plant in Modena

    Aluminum giant Alcoa has opened a new facility in Modena specifically to provide aluminum space frames and components to Ferrari. The two companies began collaborating in 1994, when Ferrari determined that the lightweight metal was the way to go to reduce weight and improve the dynamics of its ...

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    Nissan to shut down U.S. plants for six days

    In anticipation of its upcoming 2007 models arriving, Nissan has decided to swallow a hard pill and shut down production at its three U.S. plants for six days by the end of July. Scuttling its plants in Canton, MS and Smyrna and Decherd, TN will trim 18,000 vehicles from its previously planned ...

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    Toyota moving Camry production to Subaru's Indiana facility

    Toyota has announced that it will move its best-selling Camry sedan assembly to Subaru's underutilized Lafayette, Indiana plant. The changeover will free up capacity at the company's main car factory in Kentucky to build a 'new tall station wagon.' Of course, Toyota isn't going it alone... ...


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