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    Official: Porsche plasters 2M faces on Cayman to celebrate Facebook milestone [UPDATE]

    We all know what happens when Porsche and social media collide; the world gets another art car. As you may recall, the German sportscar manufacturer created a special version of its 911 GT3 R Hybrid when it crested one million fans on Facebook last February. Now, one year later, Porsche has ...

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    Official: Audi releases special edition S5 on Facebook

    Facebook has rapidly emerged as one of the most visited websites on the internet. So it only makes sense that automakers would launch their new cars there, right? Audi evidently thinks so. And so it has launched a new special edition U.S. model of its sexy S5 coupe on the popular social media ...

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    Detroit: Lincoln teases 2013 MKZ on Facebook

    Lincoln will debut its redesigned 2013 MKZ on Tuesday morning at the Detroit Auto Show, but it's starting the strip tease today by posting a photo of what appears to be the car's rear deck lid and full-width tail-lamp on its Facebook page. The new MKZ will be a real test for how committed Ford is ...

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    Detroit: 2013 Nissan Pathfinder debut to be very social

    Borrowing a page from the launch of the Ford Explorer, Nissan will unveil its latest Pathfinder concept via Facebook instead of holding a traditional press conference. Unlike Ford, however, Nissan won't completely keep attendees of a major auto show in the dark. Nissan plans to fully introduce ...

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    Detroit: Ford takes interactivity to The Cloud with new Detroit show display

    The Detroit Auto Show won't swing open its doors officially until Monday's press days, but that doesn't mean the show hasn't already taken hold at Cobo Hall, as thousands of workers are busy erecting stands, checking lighting and jockeying vehicles into place. Ford Motor Company officials invited ...

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    Saab fans virtually occupy GM Facebook page

    Remember back in your college days when the more extreme among the student activists would stage sit-ins to protest this issue or that? Well, the practice has jumped from the university administration building to cyberspace, and in the process, it's made its way into the automotive sphere. The ...

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    Ford looks to Facebook for 2013 Mustang reveal

    The updated 2013 Ford Mustang has already been spied driving around in its seizure-inducing camo patterns. The ponycar's formal introduction is imminent, and Ford wants to make its Facebook fans part of the process. Right now, if you "Like" the official Ford Mustang Facebook page, you can then ...

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    Video: Ford to release series of 2012 Focus ST background vids via Facebook

    Ford embraced the social media movement early on, and it proved a successful tactic ahead of the launch of its then all-new Fiesta. The automaker is once again taking to Facebook and Twitter, this time to keep hatchback fans in the loop of the production progress of the upcoming Ford Focus ST. ...

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    Nissan may one day replace customer service phones with Facebook

    Facebook's never-ending quest to unseat Google and officially take over the world may soon get a boost from a somewhat unlikely source: Nissan. The Japanese automaker created its Facebook page way back in 2009 and, as of today (August 8, 2011) has close to 300,000 fans. And, as you may expect, ...

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    Mercedes-Benz extending app selection for COMAND, ready to fight Audi with gesture controls

    Mercedes-Benz is in the process of revamping its COMAND infotainment system for the next decade, and as you'd expect, apps, search and advanced navigation is on the way. But it's not just about what's on the screen; it's about how you interact with the system. In addition to researching 3D ...

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    Video: Mini uses Google Maps and Facebook to let you race digitally on any road in the world

    Now this is cool. The crew from Unit9 has joined forces with Mini to create a heinously addictive Facebook flash game. Using data from Google Maps and real-time weather, the game allows players to challenge friends and strangers to races through the virtual streets of Europe. Awesome? You bet ...

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    What should Ford's new Focus EV sound like? [w/poll]

    Ford will soon roll-out its all-new Focus EV, and the silent electric sedan will be available in 14 select markets. Before the car makes it that far, however, Ford could be changing that "silent" part. The automaker has posted a few soundbites on its Facebook page, with the hopes of gauging ...

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    Report: Toyota feels Facebook's wrath over repossessing murdered woman's Camry

    Aaron Knudsen's mother was murdered last month by a former boyfriend, leaving Knudsen, 24, and his 17-year-old sister to pick up the pieces. Knudsen's mother, Denise Fransua, left behind a mountain of financial and legal paperwork, as well as a financed Toyota Camry. According to Denver's CBS4, ...

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    Video: Saudi woman's "right to drive" protest video circulates online despite gov't. efforts

    The Arab Spring has brought a wave of change and reform to the Middle East, but that tide has seemingly stopped at Saudi Arabia. According to The New York Times, the Saudi government has effectively squelched a movement championed by Manal al-Sharif. The woman wasn't campaigning for the ...

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    Official: Facebook users choose "Mayhem" as name for new Mustang V6 performance package

    The Ford Mustang name is among the most iconic in the world, and performance variants like the Boss, Shelby and Bullitt are almost as memorable in the eyes of enthusiasts. While those names were no-doubt spawned by committee, the newest Mustang variant was given its name on Facebook. Ford opened ...

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    Honda shares some landscape love with a dedicated customer

    Just before Christmas, dedicated Honda lover Chris W. showed his affection for Soichiro's brand by mowing a Honda logo into his front lawn. Chris's photos made it to Facebook, and eventually caught the attention of Honda itself, through the brand's huge network of fans. Thanks in part to loving ...

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    Study: Audi has most engaged Facebook fans, beats out Justin Bieber

    Facebook is the latest big deal with all kinda of brands all over the world, as companies have spent small fortunes to bolster their social media presence. Has all that attention worked? It apparently has for Audi, as the Four-Ringed automaker has topped everyone in a key statistic. Mashable ...

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    New York 2011: Facebook Porsche 911 GT3 R Hybrid is easy to Like

    To commemorate its social media milestone of surpassing one million fans on Facebook (its fan page is currently at 1,502,860 members), Porsche has created this special edition of the 911 GT3 R Hybrid complete with the signatures of over 27,000 Porsche fans. The car makes its North American debut ...

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    Video: Exclusive hands-on with BMW Apps, new ConnectedDrive

    BMW has big plans for this week's New York Auto Show, including the debut of the 2012 6 Series Coupe, lease pricing for the all-electric ActiveE and the first application of its new TwinPower turbocharged four-cylinder in the U.S. But that's not all. BMW gave us an early preview of the next ...

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    Bad Bugs: Facebook contest for who can configure the ugliest Bugatti Veyron

    We all love a good online configurator tool. Bugatti may have the best one out there due to the sheer number of exterior and interior color combinations available. That lends itself to problems though because a group on Facebook users decided to hold a competition to see who could produce the ...


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