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    Ferrari F355 recalled over fuel system concerns... again

    We see all sorts of recall notices here at Autoblog. Most of them affect ordinary passenger vehicles, but nearly all of them get cleared up the first time around. So this is a bit of a first: Ferrari North America and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration have issued a second recall ...

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    Franco-Italian Relations: Ferrari F355 - Citroen 2CV hybrid [w/VIDEO]

    Team Nimik Citroen 2CV/Ferrari F355 hybrid one-off - Click above for high-res image gallery
    This is surely one of the most original/bizarre/impressive/controversial hybrids we've seen in quite some time. In fact, it's likely to be so controversial as to single-handedly effect Franco-Italian ...

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    Ferrari engine served Sunny side up

    Some auto enthusiasts happened to be walking past their local Nissan dealer and were surprised to see a Ferrari badge peaking out at them from a crumpled wreck in the corner of the shop. On closer inspection they noticed the car was a complete write-off, but that it was also missing its drivetrain. ...


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