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42New Chinese car can be driven by remote control

The successor to the BYD F3 has gone through a couple of name changes on its way to production, finally settling on Su Rui, but its USP has been locked in since the beginning: remote control operation. That's right, a full-sized, road-legal sedan that can be driven by remote control. Of course, the R/C functionality has strict limitations: the Su Rui has a max speed of two kilometers an hour when being operated remotely and it only works when the operator is no more than 33 feet away. But who ca

AddBYD's Beijing Motor Show line-up includes Chin Dual Mode, remote-controlled F3

Looks like we got the name wrong, or at least the English version. Instead of Qin, as we noted yesterday, the new plug-in vehicle that BYD is going to unveil at the Beijing Motor Show next week will be called Chin. That's it in the picture above.

8American racer Michael Lewis earns Ferrari test on back of F3 victory

When this year's Formula 1 young driver test kicks off in Abu Dhabi, Alexander Rossi may be the only American there, but he's not the only young Yank with his eyes on grand prix racing. And he's not the only one set for an F1 test, either.

312012 MV Agusta F3 675 is a testament to technology

Our thirst for details on the upcoming 2012 MV Agusta F3 675 is officially quenched. MV Agusta has rolled out the skinny on the new bike, and in addition to a 126-horsepower, 675cc, three-cylinder engine, the F3 675 packs an astounding amount of technology for the segment.

10FIA fomulates new F3 International Trophy

It seems like new feeder series on the ladder up to Formula One are popping with increased frequency. GP2 kicked off in 2005, which then gave birth to GP3. Formula 2 was re-inaugurated in 2009, while other series like A1GP, Superleague Formula and Auto GP come and go. All the while, Formula 3 has remained a fragmented category with no cohesive international championship. That is, until now.

19Video: Nissan GT-R pitted against F3 racer... in the wet

Nissan GT-R vs. Formula 3 racer – Click above to watch video after the jump

16First MV Agusta F3 shots slip out

MV Agusta F3 – Click above for high-res image gallery

9MV Agusta USA head confirms small-displacement model in the works

This news will likely come as little surprise to anyone that's been paying attention to Italian motorcycle manufacturer MV Agusta over the last several years, but we recently got the chance to speak with Larry Ferracci, Director of Operations, MV Agusta USA, and he went ahead and confirmed what we've all long suspected, saying, "A smaller displacement bike is definitely in the plans for MV Agusta in the near-term future."

36REPORT: John Surtees' son, Henry, dead after freak accident at Brands Hatch Formula 2 race

Henry Surtees, son of Formula 1 World Champion and motorcycle champion John Surtees has died after a freak accident during a weekend race at Brands Hatch. The 18-year-old was competing in a Formula 2 race on the U.K. track on Sunday when racer Jack Clarke crashed into a tire barrier ahead of him on the track. Debris from the shunt was sent back onto the racing surface, and one of the rear wheels of Clarke's racer flew off, bouncing off the helmet of Surtees and apparently knocking him unconsciou

10Training Wheels: Dallara rolls out Formulino racer

Click above to view a high-res gallery of the Dallara Formulino

AddDetroit Preview: BYD's F3DM plug-in hybrid will be unveiled Monday

BYD's F3DM plug-in hybrid is already on sale in China, but that won't stop the Chinese automaker from trying to make a big splash with the PHEV in Detroit on Monday. BYD will unveil the car to the North American audience just before 11 am that day on the main floor of Cobo Hall. At that time, we're also being promised a look at the e6 electric CUV and more details on BYD's Fe lithium-iron battery and plug-in hybrid system. While we now know when we'll get our first look at these two vehicles in

AddChina's first plug-in hybrid, BYD's F3DM, goes on sale today

The first mass-produced plug-in hybrid from a Chinese company, the F3DM from BYD, goes on sale today. You can get it in China for the equivalent of $20,000 today, or wait until 2011 and buy one here in the US. The F3DM (the DM stands for "dual mode") uses a ferrous battery and can go 60 miles in electric-only mode. BYD expects to sell 10,000 units next year.

AddGreen light for production and sale of the BYD F3DM

Although mocked by some competitors, BYD continues to shout about deployment of its alternative powertrains. As we mentioned recently, BYD has everything ready to produce and sell all-electric and plug-in versions of the F3 sedan. According to Gasgoo, this was confirmed by the Chinese Ministry of Industry and Information Technologies. The vehicle's specifications remain unchanged: 109 km (about 70 miles) of all-electric range thanks to its lithium-ion iron phosphate batteries that are mated to a

AddBYD: Gas for developing countries, EVs for developed countries

Autonews interviewed Henry Li, general manager of BYD Auto's export division, and got the Chinese marque's plans for international expansion. BYD's plans can be summarized this way: "gas for developing countries, EVs for developed countries." Currently the manufacturer is selling about 7,000 cars in 20 countries, most of them the F3 sedan (pictured above) and they expect to see sales increases of 50 to 70 percent this year. However, when the car comes to Europe, it will likely be the electric ve

AddBYD Hybrids on sale earlier than expected?

Not long ago we spoke about Chinese manufacturer BYD putting hybrid and electric cars on sale. The chosen model was the F6 but things have changed. According to China Car Times, the new chosen model is the smaller F3 - and it will go on sale earlier than expected. Therefore, the F3DM (Dual Mode) plug-in hybrid is expected to be on sale before the end of this year. The F3DM uses proprietary batteries which use lithium-ion iron phosphate iron instead than lithium. According to the manufacturer, th

AddThe cheapest hybrid will be sold ... in China

We're no strangers to Chinese automaker BYD and its upcoming models of electric and hybrid cars. What's new is the claim that BYD is going to start selling the world's cheapest hybrid, with prices starting at just ¥100,000 (RNB) which is around $14,000 U.S. The model will be called BYD F3DM, with DB standing for Dual Mode, once it reaches the showrooms. BYD also announced a potential full EV version of the F3. The all-electric F6 is, however, still set to production. Specifications for this

AddChina's BYD Automobile to make hybrid next year

The Chinese car maker, BYD Automobile Co Ltd, plans to mass produce a hybrid gas-electric car the second half of next year. BYD showed a full electric car, the F3e, a car based on its F3 sedans, at last year's Beijing auto show. I assume BYD's planned hybrid is based on the F3 sedan as well. The battery for BYD's hybrid and electric car are iron based, which BYD says is better than lithium-ion batteries.

15BMW F3 gets the green light

The crossover market is on fire both in Europe and here in the States. After noting the success of the X3 and X5, BMW is looking to continue to cash in on this burgeoning market with the upcoming F3, which has just received the all-important green light for production from management. The folks over at AutoWeek are reporting that the F3 will be based loosely on the next generation X3, with similar powertrains and underpinnings.

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