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    Video: Watch this 19-year-old F2 racer dramatically save his own bacon in the wet

    Dino Zamparelli has mad skills behind the wheel of his FIA Formula 2 machine, and he managed to show just how good – or how crazy he is – on Belgium's legendary Spa circuit. As the track filled with rain mist from cars in front him, Zamparelli, 19, sped toward a group of cars ...

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    Marussia introduces bold new crossover with sliding doors, narrow greenhouse

    Marussia F2 – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Allow us to introduce you to the Marussia F2 – a vehicle that's one part mission control, three parts SUV and a dash of Nissan GT-R. The company that brought us the likes of the B2 supercar recently unveiled its new globe-roaming ...

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    REPORT: John Surtees' son, Henry, dead after freak accident at Brands Hatch Formula 2 race

    Henry Surtees, son of Formula 1 World Champion and motorcycle champion John Surtees has died after a freak accident during a weekend race at Brands Hatch. The 18-year-old was competing in a Formula 2 race on the U.K. track on Sunday when racer Jack Clarke crashed into a tire barrier ahead of him on ...

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    Formula Me, Too: racing scions sign for new series

    They laughed when the FIA announced the new Formula 2 series, but preparations are under way with a talented roster of up-and-coming drivers already lining up. And with the sons of former racing legends – including names like Rosberg, Piquet and Villeneuve – already having made it into ...

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    Va-va-vroom! Formula 2 series gets its own Danica

    After seeing our favorite IRL driver in the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition win her first race, we were convinced that what motor racing needs is more female drivers. With the glass ceiling showing more and more cracks, we're encouraged by the news that Swiss rising star Natacha Gachnang will ...

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    New Formula 2 to run spec Williams-Audi racers

    Another day, another formula racing series. The organizers of the GP2 Series are working on a GP3, and the A1GP World Cup of Motorsport is planning to launch A2GP, but when the FIA announced plans to resuscitate the dormant Formula 2 championship a couple of months ago, many scoffed. However plans ...

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    Ecclestone moves to establish new GP3 series

    While Formula One has been a relative constant for the past several decades, the various feeder series running up the ladder to the pinnacle of international motorsport seems to always be in flux. The FIA recently announced plans to revive the old Formula 2 series with a new low-cost format to ...

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    FIA announces plan to bring back Formula 2

    The international motor racing community was shocked when the FIA announced it is accepting tenders to revive the long-departed Formula 2 series. Trouble is, Formula 2 isn't dead... it's just changed names over the years. In 1985 it was relabeled Formula 3000 before being taken over by F1 chief ...

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    Enter the rumormill: McLaren F2 under development, again

    There's this thing about sequels – they normally suck. And this time of year the suck surrounds us. Autocar decided to add to the detritus by reviving the return of the McLaren F1 legend in the form of the F2. The information surrounding the new supercar is sound, considering that Mercedes ...


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