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f1 teams

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    Report: F1 has too many teams, says Ecclestone

    Formula One CEO Bernie Ecclestone says the sport has too many teams. HRT, a Spanish race organization, has dropped off the official 2013 entry list, cutting the number of participants from 12 teams to 11. While speaking to Reuters, Ecclestone said he never wanted 12 teams and that he would prefer ...

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    McLaren and Prodrive sitting in a tree, R-A-C-I-N-G

    F1 panjandrums have been working all year on a suitable definition of the term "non-constructor." If they can get that done soon, and then figure out how to split F1 income among constructors and non, then Prodrive will officially join the 2008 F1 circus. McLaren and Prodrive have recently signed ...


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