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extended warranty

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    Official: FTC shuts down auto warranty robocaller

    If you have a phone, you've probably been offered a (last, final, only, etc.) chance to extend your car's warranty. Hopefully you realized an anonymous caller from an unknown number had no idea what kind of car you drive much less when your warranty expired and promptly ended the call. Way back in ...

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    Report: Honda extends 2006-2011 Civic Hybrid warranty over gas leak

    When we hear words like "gas leak," we're expecting to hear words like "recall" shortly thereafter. That's not the case for 80,000 Honda Civic Hybrid models from the 2006 to 2011 model years that may experience small gas leaks. The New York Times reports that Honda has instead opted to extend the ...

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    Judge disconnects alleged car-warranty "robo-callers"

    It's official. The Feds are pissed, too. On Thursday, a federal judge did what many of us have wanted to do for a long time now. He handed out restraining orders to two companies the Federal Trade Commission says have been calling you, me, all your friends, your 90-year-old blind grandmother, and ...

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    "Expired car warranty" calls have several states pissed, too

    If you haven't gotten the automated phone call frantically saying that you desperately need to speak to someone about your car's warranty, consider yourself lucky. If you gave in and actually bought an expired warranty from these spineless telemarketers, good luck getting reimbursed for car ...


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