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    ETC: Rolling Coal: America's political divide reaches the roads [w/videos]

    Jason Mendelson was driving his Toyota Prius in the right lane of Interstate 64 near Richmond, Virginia, when a white pickup truck with two protruding smokestacks cut into the lane ahead. After a few moments, the pickup spewed a torrent of black smoke that enveloped his small car. The pickup ...

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    Video: This 4.5-minute video of supercars and classics starting up is oddly mesmerizing

    There's way more to cars than just about how they drive – any auto enthusiast can tell you that. While the way a car feels is vital, the way it sounds plays a huge role in making it exciting as well. Some cars, like the V12 of a '60s Ferrari, are famous partially because of the fantastic ...

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    Video: See and hear how the Corvette Stingray's switchable exhaust works

    The new Chevrolet Corvette has a trick exhaust system that muffles the exhaust note when the electronically controlled valve flaps inside it are closed, and let's the V8 roar when they're open. The system works its mysterious magic depending on the drive mode and the engine's rpm. Here, Patrick ...

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    Video: Hear the C7 Corvette's three-mode exhaust

    Chevrolet's new, seventh-generation Corvette Stingray is quite easily one of the most highly anticipated vehicles of the year. And as details of the new car trickle out ahead of our first drive of it (coming soon!), we're getting more and more excited. Perhaps the question most on our mind as ...

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    Video: Watch Hedman Headers build a manifold from start to finish

    There's something mesmerizing about The Discovery Channel's How It's Made series. While we couldn't care less about the intricacies of paperclip production, watching the various machines and processes interact is the stuff lazy Saturday afternoons are made of. Hedman Headers has cribbed that ...

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    Official: This is what the 2013 Ford Focus ST sounds like [w/audio]

    To say that we're eager to drive the 2013 Ford Focus ST is one of the understatements of the year. After seeing lots of photos and videos, we can't wait to get Ford's new hot hatch out on the road, and now, we have a pretty good idea of what sort of aural stimulation the turbocharged Focus will ...

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    Report: Traffic jams and exhaust linked to autism, brain cell damage

    A new series of health studies may have discovered a link between vehicle exhaust and a range of ailments, including autism, Alzheimer's Disease and more. The Wall Street Journal reports that scientists around the world have conducted studies investigating the impact of exhaust fumes on families ...

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    Recalls: 2011-2012 VW Jetta models recalled over.... excessively long exhaust?!

    German automaker Volkwagen is recalling 30,294 of its 2011-2012 model year Jetta sedans for tailpipe finishers that extend beyond the vehicle's rear bumper. On certain Jettas, stainless steel exhaust tips – sold at the point-of-purchase and installed at port during importation – may ...

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    BMW offering M Performance exhaust for M3 range [w/video]

    BMW M Performance exhaust – Click above for high-res image
    BMW has released a new exhaust system for the current M3 coupe, sedan and convertible. This new M Performance system is crafted from lightweight, heat-resistant Inconel, and when combined with the current M3's high-revving ...

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    Is the Utah legislature moving to ban all aftermarket exhausts?

    According the SEMA Action Network, a bill has been introduced in Utah that will "ban the use of aftermarket exhaust systems." The organization is urging people to contact Utah Senators immediately to protest the substitute bill (S.B. 106), introduced by Senator Patricia Jones, for the following ...

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    Hero or Villain? Kiwi bandit filling "boy racer" exhausts with expanding foam

    BRRRAAAAP! It's music to the ears of a subset of car nuts. Noisy exhaust setups are hardly a new phenomenon, but the fashion for mufflers that intentionally buzz as much as possible is a more recent development in the pantheon of annoying things others do. Exasperation with the muffler rap has led ...

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    MINI Cooper S recalled for protruding tailpipes, inadvertent tattoos

    Click above for a high-res gallery of the 2008 MINI Cooper S
    Let's set the scene: You've just returned from a jaunt to pick up Grandma and parked your 2007-2008 MINI Cooper S in the driveway. After leading the sweet lady up your steps and into the house, you return to the car to unload the ...

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    Asinine Engineering: Direct Exhaust Injection

    Hang around internet fora dedicated to increasing internal combustion performance long enough and you'll eventually run across this type of perpetual-motion misunderstanding. Seems a Vette 'boarder over at the GMModernMuscle Forum needs to study up on several principles before heading out ...

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    BMW USA offering factory performance parts, with full warranty

    BMW has officially thrown its hat in the performance parts game here in the U.S., likely rivaling the products available from aftermarket firms and coming complete with a factory-backed warranty.Beginning with the 3-series and Z4, BMW is offering a host of components, from brake upgrades to engine ...

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    Massachusetts introduces bill to ban modified exhausts

    Legislators in Massachusetts are set to introduce a bill in October that will ban modified exhausts in the land of a certain tea party and the world's best baked beans. The pious patriots over at SEMA have been fighting this day for years, but the politicians have decided they've had enough with ...

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    VIDEO: Ferrari F40, the dyno-saur of supercars

    Coming up on nearly twenty years old now, some would be mistaken to consider the legendary Ferrari F40 a bit of a dino – not because it was part of the series named after Enzo's dear departed son, rather because, as far as supercars go, the F40 seems is a bit of a relic, dating back to an ...

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    Lotus develops integrated exhaust manifold

    Lotus, the company that made its name on "adding lightness" and clever engineering, is at it again. This time, it's the engineering wing of the Group Lotus concern. Lotus's efforts have been directed at banishing seperate exhaust manifolds. We groaned when we heard the news, and assumed it to be a ...

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    Making the best better: Hennessey developing custom exhaust for Bugatti Veyron

    Enormous sums of money went into the development of the epically fast and extraordinarily powerful Bugatti Veyron. The engineers managed to squeeze out a thousand horses from eight liters, sixteen cylinders, sixty-four valves and four turbochargers. But someone out there thinks there's still more ...

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    Insert caption here: Hello Kitty's muff...ler

    Here's a caption challenge for you... Evidently, some fool in Japan is so excited about Hello Kitty that s/he (?) fabricated an exhaust pipe after the fair cat. And we thought excessive tin foil spoilers and shoddily-done window tint was bad. Here's my caption: "Sometimes girls embarrass me. ...

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    Project Kahn offers a Facelift for the Audi A8

    If the Audi A8's stock wheels do nothing for you, or if the ride height as delivered from the factory still makes you think of a pickup truck, Project Khan has the fix. The British/Italian tuner starts with its 21" RS-X wheels (9.5" wide in the front and 11" out back), and then fits the vehicle ...


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