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    Frankfurt: 2012 Seat Exeo is Audi with the old, in with the new-ish

    We know what you're thinking: This car looks an awful lot like an Audi A4. But it isn't. And it is. Regular readers may be aware that Audi's Spanish sister-company Seat inherited the previous-generation A4 some time after it was replaced. They put some new badges on it and presto! A new flagship ...

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    Official: Refreshed Seat Exeo looks even more like an Audi than before

    What happens to German cars when they've outlived their lifecycles? Some die off like any other model line, but others get turned into more budget-oriented vehicles with new badges. Take the old Mercedes-Benz E-Class, for example, whose platform was recycled into the Chrysler 300 and then, in ...

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    SEAT prices the old Audi A4 new Exeo

    Click above to view a high-resolution SEAT Exeo image gallery
    When SEAT announced it was to launch a new flagship that was little more than an old Audi A4 with some new trim, we were puzzled. Everyone was puzzled. Was this Volkswagen's big plan to revive its Spanish subsidiary? Indeed it was, as ...

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    Paris 2008: Previous Gen Audi A4 Seat Exeo

    Click the image above for a high-res gallery of the Seat ExeoOur Spanish colleagues tell us that the Iberians are none too happy about SEAT grabbing a previous generation A4 out of the garbage bin to make a new sedan. Never mind the opportunity to make an easy(-ier) profit – something that ...

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    New Seat Exeo is an old Audi A4

    Click the image above for more renderings of the Seat ExeoVW subsidiary Seat is, like The Jeffersons, movin' on up, rolling out a new range of vehicles that will push it into new market segments. The image above is one of a set of the automaker's Exeo sedan given to the trademark office in Spain. ...


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