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exchange rate

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    Report: Honda "losing money" on Japan-built cars like Fit, CR-Z and Insight

    Automotive News reports Honda is currently limiting shipments of models like the Fit, CR-Z and Insight due to Japan's strong yen. The automaker admits it is currently losing money on every Japanese-built model it sells in the U.S. with the exchange rate currently at 80 yen per dollar. Honda is ...

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    Nissan to shift Versa/Tiida production from Japan to Mexico

    With a rapidly appreciating yen and an expected loss of almost $3 billion for the 2008 fiscal year, Nissan is shifting some small car production to Mexico from Japan. The Versa/Tiida (as it's known elsewhere) is expected to be built south of the border for export to the rest of the world. North ...

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    Audi making more money selling fewer Q7s in the U.S.

    Here's a case where fewer sales can actually be a good thing. Audi just announced that the Q7 is a much bigger hit in Europe than it had expected. The problem is that it hasn't quite caught on as the company had hoped in the US. Because of sluggish sales, the US is only accounting for 30% of Q7 SUV ...


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