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    Video: Revisiting Hyundai's first 'sporty two-door, the Scoupe

    It's no secret Hyundai has come a very long way from the company's humble roots – and it's done so in a startlingly short period of time. One needs only to cast an eye towards the automaker's current sports car offerings to see what we mean. With hardware like the soon-to-be-updated Genesis ...

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    Lotus designs a pair of new test tracks for Top Gear Live

    Few circuits in the world have gained as much notoriety as the Top Gear test track in Surrey, England. The show's private playground plays host to the best performance machines and biggest celebrities. But Clarkson and company didn't design the track themselves, it was set up by Lotus. Now, Top ...

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    The Stig plays indoors with Toyota's F1 car

    Seeing how fast you can drive and stop a 900-horsepower Formula 1 car in an enclosed space sounds like a pretty crazy thing to do, even if said enclosed site is the massive ExCeL in London's Docklands, site of next week's British Motor Show. In the event of a mishap, a wall impact there would ...


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