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evo ix

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    Video: Mitsubishi Evo IX goes airborne at 2011 Targa Tasmania

    Apparently, "left four and a half after crest" is code for 'hold on tight!' Kym Illman and co-driver Kirrilee Gentleman were cruising along a late stage of the 2011 Targa Tasmania. Their Mitsubishi Evo IX was running well and Gentleman was shouting out the guidance so Illman could keep pushing. ...

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    VIDEO: Battle Royale between new and old Evos, Imprezas

    Best Motoring's Tsukuba shootouts regularly put all the others to shame. Sure, they might lack some of the high-dollar production quality of other motoring shows, but they make up for it with mesmerizing track sessions and entertaining commentary. Case in point, in the recent edition of the ...

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    Evo IX bids farewell to UK with the MR FQ-360

    Click image for 4 more photos in our galleryOver the summer, we reported on the UK-market's Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution IX FQ-360, a car whose verbose nomenclature communicated the presence of a force-fed 366-horsepower 2.0-liter four under its bonnet. With its MR-style vortex generator on the ...

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    Final flight of the Evo IX - 2006 Lancer Evolution SE

    Mitsubishi has introduced the 2006 Lancer Evolution "Special Edition" (MR model shown above) as the final iteration of the Evo IX before the long awaited Evo X replaces it. The Evolution SE will ride the line out in style with red-stitched Recaro seats inside the cabin and a host of exterior ...

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    UK Scorcher! Mitsubishi Lancer Evo IX FQ-360

    Mitsubishi has added a formidable new range-topping version of the Evo IX to its UK roster. This gives Mitsubishi a four-car Lancer Evolution lineup in the U.K. now with the FQ-300, FQ-320, FQ-340, and now the FQ-360. The Ralliart-developed FQ-360 is a powerhouse, producing 366 bhp and 363 lb-ft of ...


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