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A few months ago, we spoke about the Government of Cantabria, Spain, and its BioBike project to promote the use of electric bikes. The program just got an additional boost when that Government supplied 16 electric bikes to the main media of the region to promote its use and visibility. During six months, reporters will be able to use the bikes for free and report about the benefits of electric motoring. Additionally, the City Hall of Santander, the capital city of Cantabria, got 8 additional uni

A hint was given when the Spanish Government announced its wish list to reduce the Iberian country's dependence on oil but now it's been announced by Europa Press: The Spanish Ministry of Industry, Tourism and Commerce has announced an agreement with Nissan-Renault to study the possibility of a large-scale project (à la Better Place) to manufacture and sell EVs in Spain, as well as creating a network to plug them. Renault has confirmed such contacts. Spain expects to have one million elec

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