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8Wave 2014 sets new record, gathers 507 EVs in one place

Take that, everyone else who's tried to gather the most electric vehicles in one place at one time. The 2014 edition of the World Advanced Vehicle Expedition (WAVE) has set a new world record with 507 EVs in one parking lot in Stuttgart, Germany over the weekend. The tally has been certified by Guinness World Records, so Montreal will have to try harder.

AddTesla Roadster races 387 km (240 miles) on a single charge in France, Monaco

Not long ago, the guys at Top Gear had the chance to enjoy a Tesla Roadster (sadly, the video of that much-discussed event is no longer available). Two things Jeremy Clarkston and crew criticized were the Tesla's range and brakes. The Roadster has now made a strong counter-claim about its range. Recently, a Roadster was taken to the Rallye Monte Carlo d'Energies Alternatives where it managed to go 241 miles on a single charge, just about the maximum range the Roadster is rated for (244 miles).

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