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16Suzuki Every EV goes 800+ miles on single charge

You could take a flight from New York City to Atlanta, and the trip would run you about two hours. Or you could theoretically take a specially-fitted Suzuki Every battery-electric van on that same route. It would take you about 43 hours, but you'd do it on just one charge.

AddOfficially Official: Japan EV Club Mira sets Guinness record with 345.23-mile trip

It's now officially official. The Daihatsu Mira Van that was electrified by the Japan EV Club has had its 555.6 kilometer (345.23 miles) run recognized by the Guinness World Book of Records as the the longest journey by a non-solar electric vehicle without recharging. The kei conversion relied a 74 kWh (!) pack consisting of 8,320 cylindrical Sanyo lithium batteries very neatly integrated into the floor of the vehicle (right) to take it all the way from Tokyo to Osaka.

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