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Solid state batteries are safer than lithium-ion and can be charged in minutes.

EV maker wants to produce cars by 2019, is raising money to get factory up and running.

The company is also fundraising to get its factory up and running.

He dangles a lure before the nation's governors.

Elon Musk dangles the idea in front of the nation's governors.

19,000 workers were worried that electrification would leave them behind.

19,000 workers were worried that electrification would leave them behind.

It just got easier to buy an EV in Oregon.

Oregon will offer up to $2,500 toward the purchase of lease of a new electric vehicle.

Fusion Hybrid, Bolt score big in June

Green car gains with Ford, General Motors more than offset declines from Toyota, BMW.

The Delsbo Electric Battery Powered Rail Vehicle Challenge is an annual competition that takes place in Sweden. Open to students, the goal of this challenge is to create a battery-powered rail vehicle that minimizes energy consumption.

Founder has money troubles but a "dream to revolutionize the auto industry."

Some people don't know when to quit.

The tiny EV has a big challenge.

BMW's battery packs take to the high seas.

Apparently, electricity and water do mix.

Elon Musk says production will grow exponentially.

Plug-in cab takes a few quiet laps at the fest

London Taxi Co. shows off a prototype of an electric TX5 with a range extender at UK's Goodwood Festival of Speed.

It may not pose a threat to Tesla anytime soon.

Simplify, as in, fewer manual transmissions and steering wheels.

Expect fewer manual transmission BMWs in the future.

Mission E set to debut in 2019, with an electric Macan planned.

Porsche, whose electric-vehicle presence has been minimal, is planning a jump in electric-vehicle production over the next six years.

Watershed in funding unlikely

West Virginia next month will add $100 annual fees for plug-in hybrids, $200 for battery-electric vehicles.

But it will still do performance upgrades.

It seems like more of a 'when' and not an 'if.'

It's unclear how this would benefit Tesla owners.

The program runs through franchise dealers.

Texas had discontinued the state-funded electric vehicle perk in 2015.

One rare misstep by Honda. One where it nails the details.

The thinking from Honda is that each of these powertrains is best for a certain customer.

EVs need to reach 300 million by the year 2040 to have an effect on global warming.

Sister vehicle to the Chevrolet Bolt.

General Motors' Opel division gives the Pope an Ampera-E as part of a broader effort to make the Vatican's transportation more environmentally sustainable.

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