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    Is the Lotus Europa set to be reborn as a Proton?

    Lotus Europa – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The Lotus Europa died so that the Evora could live. Now it seems that Lotus-owner Proton is looking to revive the Europa and stick the Proton badge on the bodywork. The resulting Proton-badged Europa would provide a relatively affordable ...

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    Lotus to euthanize Europa this year

    Lotus Europa – Click above for high-res image gallery
    Given the recent launch of the more practical Evora, it shouldn't come as surprise that Lotus will be ceasing production of the ill-fated Europa later this year. According to our sources, European dealers have stopped taking orders for ...

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    REPORT: 15% of Tata Nano reservations being cancelled due to slow fill rate

    Tata Nano Europa in Geneva – click above for high-res image gallery
    When you're talking about the Tata Nano, you're talking about the cheapest car in the world. And on the Subcontinent's booming economy, lots of folks are looking for their first automobile. When we say "lots" we mean ...

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    Geneva '08 Preview: Lotus updates the Europa

    Click to enlargeA few years back as the Esprit was fading into history, Lotus devised the Europa as an alternative for drivers for whom the little Elise and Exige were a bit too hardcore. The Elise chassis was stretched and a slightly more upscale interior was put in place to create what was ...

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    UPDATE: No Chinese-built Lotus on the horizon

    Contrary to a report that surfaced Monday, Lotus has no intention of partnering with the Malaysian state-owned automaker, Proton, to build cars in China. This announcement debunks what Jinhua Neoplan has asserted throughout a number of articles in the Chinese press – including the ...

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    Lotus Elise, Exige prices all jacked up

    Lotus has jacked up the prices on the Elise and the Exige, according to The Car Connection. The smaller Elise, which has adaptive headlights and an unfavorable exchange rate for 2007, will go for $43,990, up from $42,990 for the 2006 model. The Exige, which is essentially an Elise with a hard top ...

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    Europa doesn't live up to its Lotus badge

    The world is rife with disappointments, but driving a Lotus should never fall into that category. According to Andrew Frankel over at Inside Line, that's exactly what the new Lotus Europa S is – a cumbersome, unmotivated and unrefined (not in the Lotus way) let down.His report from Europe ...

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    Autoblog Night Watch: Lotus Carlton

    When Lotus announced earlier this week that its intends to bring three new models to production over the next few years, we began day-dreaming of the myriad of possibilities that may come about.As good as the Elise and Exige are, and as good as the Europa and new Esprit hope to be, some of ...

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    Lotus: 3 new cars on the way

    Lotus announced today that it plans to introduce three new cars in the next few years. Right now, the Lotus range consists of the Elise, Exige, and Europa S. As most of you know by now, North America won't see the Europa. So, what is in store for Lotus?Obviously, one of the three new cars is going ...

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    Lotus gets a new spindoctor

    Lotus announced today that it has hired a new ad agency to help it along with a renewed push into the North American market. Burbank-based e2amp, inc. will be responsible for rejuvenating the British sportscar company's image in the US and Canada through advertising, product placement and ...

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    Business-class touring: Lotus Europa reviewed

    So you have an Elise and are tired of seeing Cayman owners get out of their cars in a couple of seconds, looking all relaxed and happy. You've grown accustomed to wearing knee and elbow pads and have gotten used to those eight Advils a day to help with the aches and pains associated with piloting ...

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    Longing for London: Lotus Summer Festival

    About once a week, one of the members at Autoblog HQ envisions a credit card abusing romp through the UK. The reasons for such idle threats are varied, but some of the catalysts include the Goodwood Festival of Speed, Jeremy Clarkson playing MC at MPH, the variety of not-for-U.S. consumption ...

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    'Esprit' badge will be revived on Lotus supercar

    Lotus CEO Mike Kimberley let slip in an interview with PistonHeads that the Hethel-based automaker would indeed be calling its upcoming mid-engine supercar the Esprit, a name that graced the flanks of the supercar for which Lotus is most well known. The slip was entirely unintentional, as a PR ...

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    Lotus Europa S pricing and availability announced

    The all-new Lotus Europa S, a more civilized two-seat sports car by the makers of the manic Elise, will go on sale as of September 16th, 2006 in such countries as Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands, Switzerland, and Great Britain... but not the U.S. (sigh) The only options available ...

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    Geneva Auto Show: Lotus unpacks the Europa S

    If by calling its new sportscar a Grand Tourer, Lotus has you thinking of overweight luxury coupes that excite by dint of their monstrous drivetrains, Colin Chapman's corps have something they'd like to show in a Europa S. The British concern's latest 'less is emphatically more' proposition ...

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    Lotus Europa S - new pictures

    Lotus Cars has released more information about its new Europa S - a more refined daily driver to complement its minimalist Elise and Exige models. Lotus will debut the new model at the Geneva Motor Show next week.While still following the Lotus philosophy of achieving performance through ...


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