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euro ford focus

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    Pretty in Pics: Leno's electric Ford Focus gets a face, specs

    Jay Leno's Green Car Challenge Ford Focus EV - Click above for high-res image gallery
    The new Jay Leno Show has been given as much push as any new program in recent memory, with a constant barrage on TV, the radio and all over the interwebs. One part of the show that has really piqued our ...

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    Ford adds Focus Zetec S model in Europe... they can keep this one

    Click above for high-res gallery of the Ford Focus Zetec S
    We're still ga-ga over the C1 Focus, but this one's moving the needle on the "meh"-o-meter. The Focus Zetec S is badged up and body-kitted, but otherwise a standard-issue Focus Zetec. Actually, while it's no RS, the Zetec and Zetec S are ...

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    Ford investing $75M to switch Michigan Truck plant from trucks to cars

    click above to view more high-res shots of the Euro-FocusNews flash: small cars like the Ford Focus are selling beyond expectations (ours anyway) while trucks and SUVs are sitting on dealer lots much longer than auto manufacturers would like. For this reason, Ford is moving as quickly as possible ...

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    Ford Focus CC Black Magic: Any color, as long as it's black

    Click above to view the "Black Magic" Focus CC in hi-res Henry Ford would be proud of Ford Europe's latest special edition. Offered only in black – inside and out – the "Black Magic" edition is based on the new Focus Coupe-Cabriolet launched in this year Geneva. The package includes ...

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    Mulally says new Ford Taurus coming next year

    click above for more high-res pics of the 2008 Ford Taurus LimitedAt the Automotive News World Congress in Detroit, Ford CEO Alan Mulally revealed that the automaker would be introducing a new Taurus sedan next year to replace the one that has failed to meet sales expectations despite a number of ...

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    First pics of new Euro Ford Focus Wagon

    Click image for photo galleryWhile Ford has yet to formally release official photos and details relating to the new variants of the updated Euro Focus, the overseas media has been doing a knockup job stealing the Oval's thunder. First, it was Auto Express spilling the beans on the new Focus ST. ...

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    Frankfurt 2007: European Ford Focus goes Kinetic

    click above image to view full high-res gallery of the new European Ford FocusFord of Europe's Executive Designerer Martin Smith has seen his "Kinetic" design language sweep across the company's product line ever since it debuted on the Iosis Concept two years ago in this very city. That design has ...


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