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11Ford adds Focus Zetec S model in Europe... they can keep this one

Click above for high-res gallery of the Ford Focus Zetec S

29Ford of Europe may design next all-new Mercury

Ford has promised that the Mercury brand will live on in a way that sets the marque apart from it's Blue Oval-badged siblings. Many Autoblog readers have commented that Ford should utilize its European models to meet this end, and all indications are that you were right on. Ford has said that the next all-new Mercury would come in 2010, and Ford of Europe CEO John Fleming told Automotive News that the vehicle will "likely" be designed and engineered in Europe. The reason for Mr. Fleming's confid

16Ford investing $75M to switch Michigan Truck plant from trucks to cars

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5Euro-Fords could come to America as Mercurys

We've been waiting, along with pretty much everyone else in the country, for Ford to go ahead and bring over some of the desirable small cars it sells in Europe to the United States. It's been discussed over and over, and rumors now predict that Ford will make some official product announcements on Thursday. According to a report on the New York Times, some of these Euro-designed Ford's will wear the Mercury badge as the automaker moves to improve the health of that ailing marque by building tho

60Further proof that future Fords will have Euro flair

There has been plenty of support for Ford to bring its rest-of-the-world products to the North American market, and with the truck market doing a Roscoe P. Coltrane E-brake turn away from profitability, the Blue Oval's global efforts are becoming increasingly important for its survival. The plan going forward is to utilize small and medium sized vehicles from Ford's European arsenal globally. In North America, the cars will be spiffy, though Ford will be robbing Peter to pay Paul on that count -

41Officially Official: 2009 Ford Focus RS

Click above for a high-res gallery of the new Focus RS

8European Ford Focus coming to US in 2010! Third shift added now

Ford is responding to the dramatic shift in vehicle sales in recent months by culling truck production and adding passenger car production as quickly as they can. One of the few bright points in Ford's lineup right now is the Focus, which Ford is selling as fast as they can build them. The company will be adding a third shift in the body and paint shops at the Wayne, MI assembly plant that produces the Focus and increasing the line speed on the assembly line to try and keep up with demand. The K

54Ford confirms U.S. production of Euro Focus in 2010, delays new F-150 launch

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312009 Focus RS info emerges after internet leaks

Click above for high-res gallery of the 2009 Ford Focus RS

4Rendered Speculation: 2010 Ford Focus

For over three years, US car buyers have soldiered on with variations on the aged first-generation Ford Focus architecture while Europeans have moved on to enjoy the much better-looking and more refined gen-two model. Ford CEO Allan Mulally has officially confirmed that the upcoming 2010 Focus will be global, meaning that our interest in the Ford compact should grow considerably. The web scribes at FoMoCo News have popped up a possible sketch of the next Focus (source unknown, so take with a gra

39New Euro Ford Focus ST unveiled!

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30Frankfurt 2007: European Ford Focus goes Kinetic

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71And what, exactly, is the point of Mercury?

After last week's flurry of news from Detroit, we're realizing that little was heard from Mercury. Parent Ford certainly had some introductions and unveilings, but nothing from across the corporate hall. It makes us wonder whether the Mercury brand is going to completely wither and die, or if Ford's got some surprises left. There really seems to be little point to the brand. There are no Mercury-specific models like there once were (Cougar, Villager, etc.) and really nothing particularly compell

21An American in Paris disses the Euro Focus

We spend so much time on this blog bemoaning the fact that Ford has yet to offer to the "Euro" Focus in the United States. So much time, in fact, that we fear the concept of a C1-based Focus on U.S. soil has been placed on a pedestal and is widely considered to be the smartest move Ford has never made.

36Spy Shots: 2008 Ford Focus

This is a pretty bad shot of a heavily camo'd 2008 Ford Focus taken with a camera phone. It's damn near impossible to see any changes, but we'd bet our last gallon of gas that there's a shiny three-bar chrome grille hiding under that covering. The 2008 MY Focus will likely see the last tweak before we (FINALLY) get a Focus based on the company's C1 platform around 2010. Until then Ford will graft the Fusion's three-bar grin onto the Focus and apparently refresh the rear, as well.

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