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    Travis Pastrana reportedly plans to jump from bridge to barge on New Year's Eve

    In the same way that just about anything under Sir Richard Branson's "Virgin" umbrella has come to mean hip and edgy, things affixed with the "Red Bull" stamp are coming to mean "That's frickin' crazy!" Last year for New Year's Eve Robbie Maddison took his motorbike and leaped on to the 96-foot ...

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    REPORT: "Lesser luxury" is the new black

    Up until very recently, the reason that you bought a BMW 3 Series or a Mercedes-Benz C-Class was to prepare you to buy a 5 or an E in a few years. You know, ladders to climb, blowing up to do, de-luxe apartments in the sky to own. These days, according to a new study, that is less and less the ...

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    Top Gear faces mounting criticism over costly new stunts. Again.

    Top Gear fans greet each new season with more eager glee. Top Gear critics have taken to welcoming each new run with more criticism. According to the Belfast Telegraph, the latest "How dare they!" comes from a Minister of Parliament (MP) and Friends of the Earth, who want to run TG up the ...

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    VIDEO: Citroën remixes its 90-year history for celebratory commercial

    Citroën celebrates 90 years -- Click above to watch video
    Citroën is perhaps the wackiest mass-market auto manufacturer still in business (have you seen the 2CV, C-Cactus, and that dancing robot?), and this year, the company celebrates 90 years of mercantilism. In celebration of that ...

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    Trunk Zoo: Italian police reportedly find 1,700 animals stuffed in car's boot

    A driver in Bari, Italy was stopped for a routine inspection of his car. When police got to the trunk, they found it filled with mammals, reptiles, and birds. We have no idea how he got them all in there or, better yet, what kind of car he was driving, but authorities reportedly found the ...

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    Top Gear posse spotted filming with bevy of exotics in Romania

    The Top Gear crew is preparing the show's 14th season and they've gone to the home of Vlad the Impaler for some help. Piloting a Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder, Aston Martin DBS Volante, and Ferrari California, the production closed down the Transfagarasan Road that climbs over Romania's ...

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    Hidden Porsche Turbo configurator discovered - play with it while you can...

    If you simply log onto Porsche's website, you aren't given the opportunity to customize the new-for-2010 911 Turbo. However, thanks to the arcane keystrokes of AB reader Matt, the Turbo configurator has been discovered, and you can play with it... at least until Porsche disables it.To play: go to ...

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    Man driving around the globe in Bridget the Midget for charity

    Fifty-two-year-old Briton Roy Locock decided to drive around the world to benefit charity. A circumnavigating spin behind the wheel is almost passe these days, but Locock's choice of wheels certainly isn't: a 1977 MG Midget. He bought the car -- named Bridget -- in 2006, and after taking it on a ...

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    Papa John's Camaro reward situation turns salty, ex-owners looking for bigger slice of the pie

    File this under "No Cool, Wacky Deed Shall Go Unlitigated." John Schnatter, Papa John of Papa John's Pizza, put out a $250,000 A.P.B. to find his long lost 1971 1/2 Camaro Z28. According to the folks at Papa John, the person who won the money was the one whose name was on the title of the car ...

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    SAE launches new bookstore and e-Books for on-the-go engineers

    The Society of Automotive Engineers has decided to apply the same forward thinking to its web site it has to its information. Borrowing ideas from the iTunes Store and Amazon, the SAE has revamped its bookstore for easier navigation and added an eBook store for engineers on the go. Navigation is ...

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    "I'll have the 10W-30 burger, please" - Examining the car dealers as eatery trend

    A restaurant that has a few hot cars gathered round is one thing -- but a car dealership that opens a restaurant, where does that rank on the scale of ambiance? With recent trends, you could soon get a chance to decide sooner than you thought. As our friends at The Detroit Bureau point out, ...

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    Respect Your Elders: Suzuki's Kizashi concepts spotted stacked and awaiting crusher?

    Old concepts don't die, they just get thrown in a heap and stacked atop one another in some dank lot out back. Actually, we don't know where the lot is located, but we do know it appears to be holding the Suzuki Kizashi, Kizashi 2, and Kizashi 3 – important concepts that the Japanese ...

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    Newlywed couple changes last names to Ford to celebrate... well, Fords

    When Jaime Case and Chris Hodges decided to get married, Jaime didn't want the regular run-up filled with fights, dresses, cakes, consultants and huge expenses. So she dreamed up a Wedding Road Trip, the theme of which was "Two people, two months, two hundred friends, one bad economy, one ring, ...

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    VIDEO: U.K. texting-while-driving PSA is a return to Blood on the Highway

    Wales PSA against texting while driving – Click above to watch video
    It looks like Wales hired Danny Boyle or Quentin Tarantino to create a PSA to showcase the dangers of texting while driving (it was actually Peter Watkins-Hughes). As these things do, it starts off with a couple of ...

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    The Ultimate Crossover: Samoa's plan to switch to left-hand traffic sparks motorist unrest [w/VIDEO]

    Samoan traffic switches sides -- Click above to view the video after the jump
    Samoa's prime minister has decided to do something for his constituents who want to buy cheap cars: swap driving from the right-hand side to the left-hand side. The reasoning behind the move is that Australia and New ...

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    Happy Papa John to give Camaro owners free pizza after getting his ride back

    John Schnatter, the Papa in Papa John's Pizza, has been looking for his 1971 1/2 Chevrolet Camaro Z28 for nearly 20 years. He sold it in 1983 for $2,800 and used part of that to rescue his father's business and the rest to begin the pizza chain that has gone global. He has spent more than 100 ...

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    It Ain't Easy Bein' Green: traffic din could be ruining the sex lives of frogs

    While the automobile's total impact on the environment remains up for discussion, it's apparently pretty clear that cars and frogs don't really mix. Well, not if you're a male frog trying to get your croak on, at least. Scientists in Melbourne have found that due to traffic and machinery, a male ...

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    REPORT: TMZ, KABC erroneously link tuner's custom Benz to VH1 murder case

    As has been extensively reported, VH1 "Megan Wants a Millionaire" reality show contestant Ryan Jenkins has been charged with murdering his wife, Jasmine Fiore. As the news story spread, celebrity gossip site TMZ reported that Jasmine Fiore's "2007 white Mercedes, with very large black rims (24") ...

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    Performance Therapy wants to reward you for having a good time with your car

    In times like these some folks have retail therapy and some have donut therapy. But if you've got a tire-smoking car you still want to enjoy no matter what folks are saying about cars and the auto industry, then a contest called Performance Therapy could be for you. Essentially an online auto ...

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    MINI bumper sticker makes fun of Cash for Clunkers

    You've seen the license plate surrounds that read "My other car is an Enterprise Rent-a-car." Well, in a Cash-for-Clunkers age, what if your other car is headed to the scrap heap because you wanted to buy something friendlier? Then Mini has a bumper sticker for you. It's part of a marketing ...


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