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    Tokyo Motor Show: Mazda Atenza hatchback and sport wagon

    Click the image above for plenty of high-res pics of the Mazda Atenza.Although Mazda's press conference was an odd combination of staid, staccato press-speak and hyperactive performance art, two of the debuts were relatively unremarkable. The redesigned Atenza (Mazda6 to those of us in the States) ...

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    eBay Find Of The Day: Porsche Wagon

    click image for galleryThis is the best.wagon.evar. Perhaps it's better described as a "shooting brake." Whatevs, the lines of the Porsche 944 lend themselves shockingly well to wagonization. Our Dutch is nonexistent, but from what we can gather, this 1981 944 Turbo could be yours if you've got ...

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    S73 T AMG: Pagani power in an S-Class wagon

    Close your eyes and imagine working at AMG, Mercedes' own in-house tuning division that should by now be familiar to everyone. Now go back a decade and imagine being in Affalterbach then. As part of the AMG team, you've had your share of kicks developing monster engines and shoehorning them into ...

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    C63 AMG ready to eat M3's breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert

    It looks like Mercedes is ready get serious about handling performance matching the impressive might of its AMG engines. Autocar reports that the C63 "has been designed from the ground up to make the best of the 6.3-liter engine." To do so, the C-Class Crusher will take elements from the CLK63 ...

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    SPY VIDEO: Mercedes-Benz C-Class Estate

    With the new C-Class sedan already firing on all cylinders, Mercedes-Benz is preparing its compact wagon variant. Some intrepid paparazzi managed to catch the upcoming C-Class Estate undergoing apparent cold-weather testing with minimal camouflage, in a video that you'll find after the ...

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    Decision on CTS siblings coming soon

    PHOTOS UPDATEDCadillac is already on the upswing here in the US, and has been for some time. The image repair that GM has been able to carry out is impressive, and the rebirth is poised to enter phase two. GM Vice Chair Bob Lutz and Cadillac General Manager Jim Taylor both commented at the Geneva ...

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    Cadillac BLS wagon revealed!

    Click image for photo galleryCadillac's just released images and info on its newest European offering: the BLS wagon. Derived from the Saab 9-3, the BLS tries hard to distinguish itself as a Cadillac, with restyled headlamps, fascia and grille. In the back the tailgate gets a thin crease down the ...

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    Subaru UK offers nameless special-edition Outback

    We know special editions aren't really so special anymore, but usually automakers give a name to their marketing gimmicks. It tends to be more effective that way. But Subaru has apparently decided to do without one as they offer a special edition of the new Outback to British customers. As we ...

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    Spy Shots: Volkswagen Golf Variant

    Back in the olden days, the Volkswagen Variant was the Type III Squareback. The Type IIIs were some of the coolest VWs ever (I had one, I'm biased). Wagons since then have been referred to as Variants. The latest VW to get "Varied" is the Golf. We'll likely know it in the States as the Jetta Wagon; ...

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    Watch out, Audi Avant: BMW 335i M Sport Touring wagon

    While Audi has at times made some of its most powerful S4s and RS4s in Avant wagon bodystyle only, BMW has never made an M3 Touring. And technically, it still hasn't, at least not in name. But the new 335i M Sport Touring is pretty damn close. With a twin-turbo 3.0-liter six, the 335i sports sedan ...

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    MINI Clubman opens its doors

    The MINI Traveller has finally arrived, and we are shutting off the "No Vacancy" sign. OK, so the car will officially be called the Clubman when it arrives in dealerships "in the next three years." Traveller has been deemed too protected to legally secure for use here. But as William Shakespeare ...


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