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essen motor show

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    VW Tiguan R-Line headed to Essen

    Click image for photo galleryThe tuner-fest that is the Essen Motor Show will provide the backdrop for VW when it reveals its newest R-Line package from Volkswagen Individual. It's applied to the spanky-new Tiguan SUV, and aside from the wheels, bodykit and "R" logo on the headrests, we don't know ...

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    More power, less roof: TechArt Turbo Cabriolet

    TechArt's performance modifications to Porsche's already-impressive sports cars might seem akin to adding a third warp nacelle to the starship Enterprise for the pure fun of it, but who are we to argue with the results? The supertuner/niche manufacturer has readied its latest creation for debut at ...

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    Abt tunes the VW Tiguan

    Next month's Essen Motor Show will feature a ton of tuned vehicles from Europe's best and brightest, and among them will be Abt's interpretation of the new Volkswagen Tiguan. The new crossover has just hit the market abroad, but Abt has already done its best to make this new cute 'ute stand out ...

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    Love child of luxury: Bentley and Bugatti beget the Big Bang

    Although we've talked about Bugatti's plans for a super sedan as a follow-up to the all-powerful Veyron, apparently there are some people out there who don't have the patience to wait for such a car to become reality. German tuner LEW Design can help you get at least part way there with its new LEW ...

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    Lipstick on a... It's STARTECH's Jeep Compass!

    Click to enlargeWith the tunerrific Essen Motor Show upon us, we've received more info on what Deutsch masters of mayhem, Brabus/Startech, prepared for the show (Startech is Brabus' Chrysler Group vehicle specialist). We'll start with their Jeep Compass. The Compass is a pretty ugly car, which is ...

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    Mission 400 Plus - Tuner supercar aims to be the fastest of them all

    The vehicle you see above wants to be the world's fastest sports car. The Porsche 997-based Mission 400 Plus, as its called, is the joint creation of Jürgen Alzen Motorsport, RS Tuning and H&R springs, and its world debut occurs this week at the Essen Motor Show.The car itself was designed ...

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    Skoda Roomster earns merit badge: Scout model debuts

    Click to enlargeJoining the Octavia in Škoda's scout line is the quirky-cool Roomster MPV. Unlike the Octavia Scout, which at least has all-wheel-drive, the Roomster Scout remains a FWD-only vehicle, and the Scout trim is just a butch appearance package. That said, it looks good wearing the ...

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    Prodrive performance parts for the Aston Martin V8 Vantage

    Click to enlargeThe Aston Martin V8 Vantage may well be the most desirable machine you can spend your hard-earned money on. Sure, you can find cars that are faster and more expensive, but none of them are the sex on wheels that the 8-cylinder Aston is. Did we just say that there are cars that ...

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    Speeder's Nightmare: Brabus CLS Rocket police car

    Last year, the German Federal Traffic Ministry and the Association of German Automobile Tuners (VDAT) created the Tune It Safe! program, the goal of which is to encourage drivers to adopt safe and legal tuning practices (and presumably have them employ established German tuning firms to do so). To ...

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    TechArt Porsche 911 Turbo to make Essen Motor Show debut

    Click to enlargeWhen we last spoke of the TechArt 911 Turbo, the supertuner was simply showing off their new body kit for Porsche's latest autobahn slayer, as none of their planned performance mods were ready. Well, the other shoe has now dropped, and TechArt now has the engine dishing out muscle ...


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