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    Report: FBI investigating recently fired Ford engineer for espionage [UPDATE]

    UPDATE: We have received a statement from Ford Global Corporate Communications Manager, Susan Krusel, which contradicts some statements in the original story by the Detroit News. Krusel writes: "Ford initiated an investigation of a now former employee and requested the assistance of the FBI. ...

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    Report: Renault COO Pelata resigns 15 months after espionage debacle

    A Renault espionage scandal that turned into an espionage hoax scandal soaked up four months of people's lives in early 2011 and resulted in the resignation of company COO Patrick Pelata. An informant with some bad information who was paid €250,000 told Renault that three executives had sold ...

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    French government doesn't want to "destabilize" Renault, eases pressure on Ghosn

    The situation at Renault/Nissan has been a bit of a mess lately. Nissan's sales have been lackluster, with extra incentives needed to move metal. French investors have recently shot down CEO Carlos Ghosn's six-year plan for Renault. Then there is the espionage case that rocked Renault. The case, ...

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    Report: Renault admits wrongful termination in espionage case *Update

    Renault says it wrongfully fired three of its executives, Michael Balthazard, Bertrand Rochette and Matthieu Tenenbaum, on suspicion of industrial espionage. The admission comes after French authorities looked into the company's dismissal of the men and determined that Renault's accusations ...

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    McLaren-Ferrari spy scandal draws to an end

    The two-year-old Stepneygate saga – long and complex enough to rival any of the Icelandic sagas – is finally over. A court in Modena, Italy has smacked four McLaren employees with six-figure fines: senior engineers Rod Taylor, Jonathan Neale, and Paddy Lowe are on the hook for ...

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    World's most famous spy ever is... Brenda Priddy?

    It's no secret that automotive spy photographer Brenda Priddy is synonymous with shots of heavily-camouflaged cars and of engineers enduring extreme climate testing. But now, she has been outed as The Most Famous Spy in History on a website called ShareRanks.This shooter of top secret sedans and ...

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    The Stepneygate postmortem -- what really happened in the F1 espionage scandal

    Wired has posted a lengthy and thorough dissection of what really happened in last year's Stepneygate F1 scandal. The affair turned Ferrari an even more scarlet red, sucked $100,000,000 from McLaren's bank account and eliminated the team from the constructor's championship, ended the F1 careers of ...

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    Toyota engineers convicted of stealing secrets from Ferrari

    var digg_url = ''; In most countries, acts like murder, treason, or plotting to overthrow the government rank among the most heinous crimes a person can commit. In Italy, stealing secrets from Ferrari ranks ...

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    Automaker Smackdown: Hyundai vs. Toyota

    So, you're Hyundai. You badly covet more market share in the US, and your targets are Honda and Toyota. What would be better than to hire a defector from the other team? It's even better when the defector brings along plenty of top-secret information to share. That's just what engineer Bruce ...

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    Brenda Priddy's fall collection

    Ah, Fashion Week. That time of year when designers roll out their most extravagant, over-the-top Spring fashion ideas so we can have the Target knock-offs next April when the weather actually allows us to wear them. While Y3, Vera and DK may be the stars in NY, here at Autoblog we turn to that ...


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