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    Geneva: Ermini Seiottosei Barchetta looks into the past to relaunch a brand

    The Florentine sports car builder Ermini is making its grand return to the public eye with the Seiottosei Barchetta at the Geneva Motor Show, after about 50 years of being gone. Its latest model blends an old-school philosophy with modern styling. Barchetta means "little boat" in Italian and ...

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    Teased: Ermini set to present Seiottosei barchetta in Geneva

    Ermini is a sports-car maker out of Florence, Italy that the world hasn't heard much from for half a century, until news of a possible Barchetta Sport roadster cropped up last year. Then, we'd speculated that the Guilio Cappellini-penned car might eventually hit the road with a ...


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