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    Video: Translogic test drives the Epic Torq three-wheeled EV roadster

    Only about a week ago did the company Epic EV makes its very first delivery of the Torq Roadster to a customer. Before that, our colleagues at Translogic spent some time with company founder Chris Anthony and were the very first to get some seat time in this ...

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    Video: How to build your very own meat car

    Working cars into your daily diet used to be a bit of a challenge, unless you regularly consume race car birthday cakes or something. That is, until now. The Canadian YouTube sensations at Epic Meal Time have solved your car guy culinary crisis with their latest creation: meat cars. The ...

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    SEMA 2009: A quintet of concept Scions leaves us hungry for more

    2009 SEMA Scion xB DJ 2.0 Concept by Five Axis - Click above for high-res image gallery
    Just like last year, Scion had a group of tuners develop a whole range of models for SEMA 2009. Clustered in one corner of the Central Hall, the group included the Brandon Leung pickup and 0-60 Rally xD we ...


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