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enzo crash

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    Exclusive: How to fish a Ferrari Enzo out of the ocean

    We reported earlier today that a rare Ferrari Enzo went off course yesterday while running the 2011 Targa Newfoundland and wound up swimming with the fishes in the Atlantic. We even had a video showing what happened leading up to the Ferrari's off-road and then underwater excursion. We didn't, ...

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    Enzogate update: Dietrich may exist after all

    Remember Dietrich? He was the mystery German man Stefan Eriksson first said was driving that Ferrari Enzo last year when it crashed. After Eriksson admitted to being the driver, Eriksson said he must have fabricated Dietrich due to the blackout he suffered after the crash.Los Angeles County ...

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    Another Enzo bites the dust. Billionaire Russian politician critically injured.

    UPDATE: has more info. As was the case in the Stefan Erickson crash, Kerimov's Enzo also split in two, keeping the passenger compartment intact. According to Kommersant, the female passenger was not severely injured. (Thanks to commenter Chris for the link.)Yesterday, Suleiman Kerimov ...

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    Eriksson pleads guilty to drunk driving, but that's it

    After turning down a plea deal that would have resulted in his serving just 28 months in jail, Bo Stefan Eriksson pleaded no contest in L.A. Superior Court today. The charge he was addressing however, was not grand theft, embezzlement or the firearms possession charges he still faces, but rather ...


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