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    Carbon Footprints: Ditch the dog, get a Hummer H2, save the planet?

    If you don't like dogs, there's now a new reason to continue avoiding canis domesticus. New Zealanders Robert and Brenda Vale have put forth the hypothesis that the care and feeding of a pooch is more environmentally harmful than rolling in a Toyota Land Cruiser. Those shifty, antisocial felines ...

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    REPORT: GM gets out from under its polluted sites scot-free

    Among those clamoring for attention and payouts from Motors Liquidation Co., the company that assumed General Motors' unwanted assets after its Chapter 11 filing, are the environmental and economic redevelopment departments of state governments. According to reports, when GM exited bankruptcy, ...

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    Senate to vote on 'Cash for Clunkers' today?

    A vote could come today on a bill designed to offer credits of up to $4,500 for consumers to trade-in gas-guzzling older vehicles. The so-called "cash for clunkers" legislation is designed to stimulate auto sales, but it also stands to effectively remove gross polluters from the roads and put ...

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    Carmakers try different ways to grow green

    Now that making cars cleaner and more efficient is a mainstream proposition, the only questions are how each carmaker plans to do it. BMW's Efficient Dynamics has allowed it to lower it's CO2 emissions more than any other automaker. In a show of how seriously all automakers are taking the issue, ...

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    Lead wheel weights meet their demise in California

    Environmentally-friendly California is putting an end to lead balancing weights on wheels and tires. The heavy metal neurotoxin is polluting the state's ground water supplies, according to the Center for Environmental Health. The group claims that more than 500,000 pounds of lead weights are ...

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    EU calls on F1 to switch to four-cylinders, bio-fuels and hybrids

    The European Parliament has called for Formula One to adopt more environmentally-friendly engine alternatives, and the FIA seems to be all for it. The CARS 21 report, passed with 607 EU legislators in favor, 76 against and 14 abstentions, praised the FIA's actions to make F1 greener, but called on ...

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    A1GP switches to ethanol mix, ships fuel to New Zealand

    Switching a racing series to ethanol? Smart. Shipping the ethanol around the world to show how green that racing series is? Less so. A1GP has announced that its upcoming race in New Zealand will mark the inauguration of the series' switch to E30 Hiperflo ethanol-gasoline blend, which, as organizers ...

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    Ford exec: Drive greener or else!

    In an interview with Whatcar?, Ford's global product development boss Richard Parry-Jones said car buyers need to embrace greener cars if global warming is to be overcome. In fact, Parry-Jones goes on to say it's the role of the consumer, not car manufacturers, to save the planet from polluting ...

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    Earth Day, every day: Autoblog announces eco-friendly spinoff, AutoblogGreen

    As the song goes, "Blues had a baby, and the called it rock n' roll." Well, Autoblog has just birthed its first spinoff, and we're calling it AutoblogGreen. With gas prices surging and more interest in alternative fuel vehicles and their attendant lifestyles than at any time in ...

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    If Peugeot plants a tree in the forest, will it offset the CO2 in the atmosphere?

    Six years on, French automaker Peugeot is finally seeing one of its environmental initiatives bear fruit... so to speak.  The manufacturer actually began a forestry project back in 1999 by embarking on a plan to build a living 'carbon sink,' in the form of two million ...

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    Hybrids and the 'metrospiritual' segment

    Best Syndications has posted an article on how hybrid vehicles are part of the demographic category Lifestyles of Health and Sustainability (LOHAS) or "metrospiritual. " (Pictured is actress Gwyneth Paltrow, considered by many to be a member of said category).The writer goes on to ...

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    Autoblog Podcast #28

    Boom shalaka-laka, the 28th Autoblog Podcast is here. On today's episode, the intrepid Christopher Paukert and myself go over Audi's ostentatious debut of its new TT coupe, observe a moment of silence for the industry's loss of MPH Magazine and finally, we get all green up in this thing talking ...

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    New study: Full-size SUVs consume less energy over lifetime than hybrids

    The results of a new study conducted by CNW Marketing Research Inc. is sure to generate some arched eyebrows. The firm's report stems from their two-year effort to collect and analyze data on the "energy neessary to plan, build, sell, drive and dispose of a vehicle from initial concept to ...

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    Can the world grow out of its gasoline addiction with the help of biomass?

    According to a new article in Wired, saw corn stalks and wood scraps may be the salve to ease the world's seemingly insatiable appetite for oil. Scientists are hard at work working on 'bio oil,' biomass-derived fuel arrived at via a process known as pyrolysis, which essentially involves heating ...


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