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11150 'micro-mobility models' coming by 2020; will Gen Y urbanites respond?

What do electric bikes, cars without doors and pod cars have in common? They are all "Micro-Mobility Models," according to Frost & Sullivan, and we're going to be seeing many, many more of them in big cities in the years to come.

40GM's future in China includes EN-V 2.0; new renderings show light evolution

General Motors' vision for the all-electric EN-V pod cars has always been to deploy them in the heavily crowded mega cities of the future, so it makes perfect sense that a rendering for the next-generation model was revealed today at the Beijing Motor Show. Ladies and gentlemen, meet the most futuristic Chevrolet ever.

AddDevelopment of next-gen Chevrolet EN-V electric concept underway

Work on the next-generation EN-V electric concept vehicle – General Motors' vision of a zero-emissions future – is officially underway. This time 'round, the EN-V will get Chevrolet's Bowtie badge.

AddJames May rides the ENV fuel cell motorcycle

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AddSuzuki invests further in Intelligent Energy

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AddIntelligent Energy teams up with Suzuki to develop fuel-cell motorcycles

Intelligent Energy (IE), known on ABG's pages as the company behind the ENV fuel-cell motorcycle, has announced that they will partner up with Suzuki Motor Corporation on the development of prototype hydrogen fuel-cell motorcycles. Future bikes produced by the partnership will run on Intelligent Energy's proprietary Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) fuel-cells that are billed by IE as having class-leading performance in automotive applications. The PEM design utilises thin metallic bipolar plates,

AddBBC rides the ENV hydrogen bike, reports production may begin by the end of the year

Regular readers of our site are already familiar with the ENV, the first motorcycle that is fueled by hydrogen. This vehicle has been around in prototype stage for along time, and has been test ridden to death, so I won't go into any details. The general story is this: about 100 miles at 50 miles per hour on electricity generated by the hydrogen fuel cell.

AddTwo motorcycles that joined the alternative power movement

Motocycle company Vespa is currently developing hybrid scooters based on its LX 50 and the Piaggio X8 125. Both prototypes' drivetrains will deliver a 25% power increase while delivering a 20% better fuel efficiency. Unlike today's production hybrids like the Toyota Prius or Ford Escape/Mercury Mariner, the scooters' batteries can be recharged via a regular household plug.

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