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    Classic Mashup: 2011 Range Rover vs. 1993 Range Rover

    The shape may be very similar, but the technology underpinning a modern Range Rover is light years ahead of what you will find propping up an older model. Inside Line was able to line up two examples of the Range Rover; a 1993 model and the 2011 version. The two were then put through their paces ...

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    BBC: At nearly $7.30/gal and climbing, UK gas prices hit record high

    Think fuel prices are high in the United States? What Yanks pay is nothing to what our former colonial masters are forced to shell out at the pumps, as reports come in of record-high prices in the UK. According to the BBC, prices have hit an all-time high of 121.76p per liter in the United ...

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    PSA: Reigning monarchs cannot be found guilty of motoring infractions in UK

    As much as it runs against our colonial grain to say this, there are some perks to being a monarch. Aside from having an entire kingdom crammed full of palaces and an army of staff just waiting to cater to your every whim, you're evidently also free from prosecution under your country's courts. ...

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    Paint It White: Aston Martin One-77 in blanc is outstanding

    Truth be told, it never occurred to us to imagine the Aston Martin One-77 in white – we're still digesting the deep black beast we'd recently come to know. Aston Martin has more time to play with the coupe than we do, and they decided to drape it in white for a supercar convoy celebrating ...

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    Benedict Radcliffe's Wireframe Lambo: Yours for just £40,000

    Benedict Radcliffe's wire art Koenig Lamborghini Countach – Click above for image gallery
    In 2008, UK artist Benedict Radcliffe created a wireframe Koenig Lamborghini Countach because he needed something to outdo the wireframe Subaru WRX. Using 160 feet of 10-millimeter steel tubing, the ...

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    Lexus LFA to be sold in Europe through one dealership

    Lexus LFA at Lexus Park Lane – Click above for high-res image gallery
    We're not the vindictive types here at Autoblog, but we can appreciate some measure of poetic justice. After all, how many lustworthy European supercars were made available over the decades to any European buyer with ...

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    Royal Scam? UK license plate "D1ANA" expected to fetch £100,000 at COYS auction

    Coys of Kensington will be hosting a True Greats auction on December 1, and among the items for sale will be an MG service manual (Lot 1), a Corvette poster (Lot 61), and some pre-WWII driving gauntlets (Lot 81). Oh, and there'll also be the matter of Lot 142, a number plate reading "D1ANA" ...

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    Brick By Brick: James May's Lego house comes down

    Top Gear host James May went to Dorking, England and built a Lego fort house in an orchard with more than three million Lego pieces. Now it's time for him to vacate the premises, and the house has been torn down. Mays had tried to get the structure taken to the Lego park in Windsor, but the cost ...

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    VIDEO: Ken Block takes unsuspecting DiRT 2 players out on hot laps

    Ken Block at the UK Dirt2 launch -- Click above to watch the video
    DiRT 2 had a coming out party in the UK and not only did Ken Block join the festivities, he decided to surprise some big-talking gamers with a couple of hot laps. If we could take anything from the demonstration, it's that Ken ...

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    Irony Police: U.K. authorities reportedly resorting to 'theft' to discourage stealing

    England is a very strange place. Not only do they like having a royal family, but they talk like this: "Oi. Buncha southy Londoners are suddenly stroppy over the constable's wonky plan to nick exposed swag from their unlocked cars. Kind of a bollocks plan, innit?" Naturally the coppers are chuffed ...

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    REPORT: James May to build life-sized Lego house. But what's in the garage?

    James May, a.k.a. Captain Slow on Top Gear, has a BBC show called James May's Toy Stories. After building an award-winning Plasticine garden and the world's largest model airplane, the next thing on May's list is a house built of Legos. A two-storey house. And he intends to live in it for a ...

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    Crewe warehouse opens doors to liquidate vintage Bentley and Rolls-Royce parts

    Bentley spare parts warehouse in Crewe – Click above for high-res image gallery
    The 143,000 square foot Bentley warehouse in Crewe, England, has got to be a dream come true for British motor enthusiasts. The facility, which sits adjacent to the Bentley Motors automobile factory, holds some ...

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    VIDEO: Unlikely Goodwood - Rod Millen's Toyota Tacoma charges up the hill

    Rod Millen's Goodwood run in a Toyota Tacoma -- Click above to watch video
    Last year, Rod Millen took his Toyota Tacoma Pike's Peak runner to the Goodwood Festival of Speed. Looking, sounding, and handling nothing like a Tacoma, and powered by – according to the caption – a "2-little ...

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    Findings from inquiry into demise of MG Rover finished... only took 4 years and $26M

    The final days of MG were disastrous and disastrously expensive. The British government finally has an accounting of what happened, but it only adds to both sides of the disaster: the report took four years and £16 million ($26 million U.S.) for CPA firm BDO Stoy Howard to compile. For now, ...

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    Lewis Hamilton, Heikki Kovalainen moonlighting as cab drivers

    Lewis Hamilton and Heikki Kovalainen in Vodafone's Taxi GP commercial – Click above to watch video
    Vodafone has created an online game called Taxi Grand Prix that looks pretty neat. You choose a team of two actual taxi drivers on the roads in Great Britain, and when a race begins, the ...

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    Rolls-Royce to double workforce ahead of Ghost production

    Rolls-Royce 200EX Concept - Click above for a high-res image gallery
    The Rolls-Royce Silver Ghost will not only mean more sales for the company, it will mean more workers. Rolls is adding 300 production workers to the payroll, bringing its Sussex workforce to 900. The majority of new positions ...

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    UK entrepreneurs open Pit Start, the country's first self-service garage

    If you're a London gearhead and want to work on your car but have no place to do it, you'll want to check out Pit Start, a new self-service garage. It is exactly what it sounds like – a communal pay-by-the-hour workspace. Would-be tinkerers can pre-book a space or drop in, and upon arrival, a ...

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    Google StreetView inspires copycat Smart ForTwo police patrol in UK

    After revolutionizing search, advertising, and e-mail, Google is changing the way police in Greater Manchester keep track of motorists: Filming them a la StreetView. After having seen Google's StreetView car doing its Cylon sweep of everything, everywhere, the local authorities were apparently ...

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    P1 reportedly following other British supercar clubs into bankruptcy

    While the idea of the supercar club has yet to take hold here in The Colonies, across the Atlantic in jolly old England, the notion developed into a popular alternative to the costly prospect of owning and maintaining high-priced exotica. The idea, in a nutshell, was to provide customers with the ...

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    Car-laden James Bond Museum opens in the UK

    For all the museums throughout the world, it's remarkable that it has taken this long to create one devoted solely to James Bond, when even Britney Spears got her own permanent exhibit years ago. But the omission has been redressed, with Englishman Peter Nelson opening The Bond Museum tomorrow in ...


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