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    Weber looks to bring V4 engine to the masses

    Weber Automotive, a leader in the manufacture of engine blocks and crankshafts (many of the magnesium VW Beetle engine blocks were cast by Weber), has designed a small V4 engine in an attempt to provide an alternative to inline fours in emerging markets such as China. The V4 configuration has had ...

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    The "Massive Yet Tiny" engine promises big power in a small package

    An outfit called Angel Labs has come up with the Massive Yet Tiny (MYT) engine, an innovative internal-combustion configuration that it claims "will spawn the next industrial revolution." Um, okay... so exactly what is it that inspires such hyperbole? Keep reading, as we'll try to ...

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    Mitsubishi to seek compensation from DCX for SMART ForFour cancellation

    Following DaimlerChrysler's announcement that it will be stopping production of the SMART ForFour sedan, partner Mitsubishi Motors Corp. has stated it will end production at the company's Netherlands plant as well. The Japanese automaker still plans to manufacturer engines for DCX's SMART ...

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    High-end V6s - the Lexus direct-injection 3.5L and Cadillac 3.6L

    No, that's not some sort of captured alien - it's Toyota's rather unique way of showing off its latest 2GR-FSE direct-injection V6. We're going to take a look at this engine, which is interesting primarily for the means that it introduces fuel into intake air. We'll also check out what's ...

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    GM's L92 and LS2 V8 engines

    Having recently glanced under the skin of Mopar's pushrod Hemi V8, it seems proper to do the same with GM's overhead-valve (OHV) small-block engines. We'll take a look at the LS2 6.0L and L92 6.2L engines, both of which are relative newcomers to the line-up and are considered to be part of the ...


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